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    • "Prophylaxis 40 PLUS" - pilot program still this year (1)
      Including patients from 40 years of age with preventive diagnostics in the most common health problems is assumed by the pilot program "Prophylaxis 40 PLUS". Get to know the details of the proposed regulations.
    • Can you conduct occupational preventive medical examinations with the use of teleportation (3)
      Can the occupational medicine unit use teleportation in order to perform initial and control examinations in the COVID-19 era? How to proceed when in such a situation it is not possible to obtain the patient's personal signatures under the preventive examination card ?
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    • COVID-19 as an occupational disease - judicial practice (5)
      As the number of cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in health care workers increased, there were calls for the introduction of legal provisions enabling the diagnosis of COVID-19 as an occupational disease. From the very beginning, they were redundant, as it is possible under the regulations already in force. How to adjudicate in such cases?
    • Psychological research on weapons - and all must be equally studies (8)
      Aspect sleep in Poland observed an increase in interest in the subject of possession of weapons, and more and more people apply for permission. How to choose the test method iPod for a person's profession, to ensure its safety and others?
    • How to use restriction codes in the driving license (11)
      Doctors examining drivers can use an important instrument that allows for precise adjustment of authorizations to the psychophysical abilities of the examined person. Find out how to apply restriction codes in your driving license.
  • Legal comments
    • Should psychotechnical tests be performed on employees driving company cars (13)
      Is it necessary to perform psychotechnical tests on employees who are not employed as drivers, but who drive cars as part of their professional duties, e.g. environmental nurse or tax inspector?
  • Forms
    • What cannot be missing in the psychological judgment for the instructor and examiner of driving techniques (14)
      Psychological examination in the field of transport psychology covers, inter alia, candidates for the positions of driving technique instructor and examiner. As a result of the conducted tests, an appropriate psychological judgment is issued about the existence or absence of contraindications to their activities. What to pay attention to when issuing a psychological judgment to the examiner and driving technique instructor?
  • Calendar of changes
    • The latest legal changes (16)
      From July 1 - EDM exchange and reporting of medical events.

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