• Legal comments
    • Principles of performing the advisory function of the occupational medicine service (1)
      The cooperation of the employer with the occupational medicine service is essential in ensuring safe working conditions for employees. The effect of this cooperation is also to be effective advice from doctors in the field of employee safety. Check the function of occupational medicine doctors in this case. How can their involvement contribute to increasing safety in the workplace?
  • Forms
    • What cannot be missing from the train driver's health certificate (5)
      In order to maintain the validity of the train driver's health certificate, he undergoes periodic medical and psychological examinations and obtains a medical certificate confirming compliance with health, physical and mental requirements, as well as undergoes training and periodic tests of knowledge and skills. Check what is required for a positive medical certificate for applicants to remain valid.
    • How to conduct periodic and control examinations of the Marshal's Guard officers (7)
      An occupational medicine doctor carries out periodic or control examinations of the Marshal's Guard officers on the date indicated in the referral for such examination. Check what cannot be missing in a medical certificate stating that there are no health contraindications - or they are not - for service in a specific job position.
    • How to issue a fisherman's health certificate (10)
      In order to work on a vessel, a fisherman must obtain a health certificate. Such a certificate is issued by a doctor with a specialization in marine and tropical medicine, occupational medicine, and transport medicine. Check the conditions for issuing a fisherman's health certificate.
    • Transfer to work in a different position - when will a medical certificate be required and how to fill it out (12)
      The necessity to issue a medical certificate in the event of transferring an employee to work in a different position will depend on whether the employee will deal with other positions in the new position. threats. How to fulfill this ruling?
    • Leave for improving the health of an academic teacher - how to fulfill the certificate (14)
      An academic teacher under 65, employed full-time, after at least 10 years of employment at the university, may take advantage of a paid leave to improve health. How to fill in a medical certificate about the need to grant such leave?
    • Reducing the risk associated with the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus through ventilation and air conditioning - instruction (16)
      Biopathogens , including the virus causing the new infectious disease COVID-19, are transmitted, among others, by through air in closed spaces, including ventilation and air conditioning systems. The person responsible for the application of the procedure is a technical employee employed in the medical entity, and the person supervising its application - the head of the facility.

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