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    • Is there a place for occupational medicine in pre-graduate teaching of doctors? (1)
      Is information in the field of occupational medicine useful for general medical education and facilitate communication between doctors of different specialties? Do students of medical universities acquire at least basic knowledge in this field?
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    • The brain in fog - what cognitive and emotional disorders can occur after COVID-19 (5)
      Cognitive deficits after COVID-19, known as 'brain fog', can last for a long time and be part of the chronic fatigue syndrome. Psychological assessment enables their objective assessment and prognosis of recovery.
    • Technostress - employee stress caused by new technologies (7)
      Working conditions in the surrounding reality are changing dynamically. This will be related to the development of new technologies, which will have an impact on the health functioning of employees. One of the problems that may arise for an employee is so-called technostress, which is the physical and psychological symptoms caused by the use of new technologies in the workplace. Check how you can counteract it.
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    • Exposure of employees to carcinogenic and mutagenic substances - what is the role of an occupational medicine doctor (10)
      When working in blue-collar jobs, classified as particularly dangerous, the employer must comply with the principles of occupational health and safety, and the employee is protected against the effects of unfavorable working environment conditions. Occupational health services also provide protection. Check the role of the doctor.
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    • How to correctly fill in the driver's psychological examination card (13)
      Keeping reliable documentation is one of the essential tasks of a transport psychologist. Check what a properly completed driver's psychological examination card looks like and what should be entered in each field.
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