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    • Will the doctor be liable when performing occupational health examinations when this obligation has been suspended? (1-2)
      Are there legal consequences for the breach of the statutory suspension of periodic examinations by the referring employer and the doctor performing the examination during an epidemic? Can they be punished by the Sanepid or the labor inspection? Can the employer refer the employee to periodic examinations? If so, under what conditions? Can the doctor perform periodic examinations?
    • New regulations on treatment and preventive stays for officers of the Internal Security Agency and the AW (4)
      Each soldier / officer / employee whose health condition requires it, after returning from a mission outside the country, has the opportunity to take advantage of a curative and preventive stays with "anti-stress training" in military spa and rehabilitation hospitals. Check what examinations he has to undergo before such a trip.
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    • Occupational exposure to neurotoxic substances in the context of preventive examinations (7)
      Qualification for work in exposure to neurotoxic factors often causes significant difficulties. What factors should be taken into consideration, exercising preventive care for d such a group of employees?
    • Short examination versus full examination of the driver in occupational medicine - to whom and when to commission them (10)
      In occupational medicine research, a psychologist often meets the term "full or abridged" examination of the driver. What does this really mean and is the summary research credible and reliable at all?
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    • What is allowed to a doctor in an accident investigation, and what activities should he refuse (12)
      The post-accident procedure resulting from the regulation on establishing the circumstances and causes of accidents at work does not emphasize the role of an occupational medicine physician in any particular way. This does not mean, however, that he has no right - but also no obligation - to support activities aimed at the proper qualification of an accident event and to develop appropriate preventive solutions for the future. Learn about the key tasks of an occupational medicine doctor in such a procedure.
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    • What to pay attention to when issuing a medical certificate to a teacher applying for a health leave (14)
      One of the teaching rights of this professional group is the possibility of taking health leave. The need to grant such leave is decided by an authorized doctor, while the basis for the examination is a referral issued by the school head. What cannot be missing from a medical certificate?
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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