Lekarz Medycyny Pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2021/03

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    • New rules for assessing the physical fitness of professional soldiers (1)
      In the era of organizational changes, the Armed Forces are constantly in the process of a specific transformation. Not only the environment, equipment and law are changing, but also the approach to the training process. There are new trends, differently understood methods, including a peculiar approach to the generally understood topic of individual soldier fitness. Check how the rules for the physical fitness test of professional soldiers have changed since January 1, 2021.
  • Occupational medicine clinic
    • Multifactorial sensitivity to chemical factors in the practice of occupational medicine physicians (5)
      Occupational medicine physicians encounter situations in which, due to diagnostic difficulties and doubts, the atypical symptoms reported by the patient are attributed etiologically to occupational exposure. Such people are sometimes referred to the diagnostic and certification path with suspicion of an occupational disease. What should a physician who in his practice encounters a patient with suspected multifactorial sensitivity to chemical factors do? What kind of illness is that?
    • How should the cooperation between a doctor and a psychologist be shaped during the examination of drivers (8)
      The research of drivers is an area where the activities of doctors and psychologists theoretically do not connect with each other (the decisions are separate), but in practice they are very closely intertwined. This is especially important in larger centers where comprehensive research is carried out and ruled by representatives of both professions. What is psychological research, who is obliged to do it, in what circumstances is it a field of cooperation, and in which cooperation is not necessary?
    • Computer psychological tests - how to use them in the practice of an occupational medicine psychologist (11)
      Shortening the examination time, less psychological workload, the ability to change the test language, updates and standards, easier documentation keeping, examination of several people at the same time - these are some of the advantages of conducting psychological research in medicine work with the use of modern technologies. Check why you should use them.
  • Forms
    • How to issue a medical certificate to an applicant for a firearms license (14)
      An authorized physician carries out medical examinations of persons applying for a firearms license or registering pneumatic weapons, as a result of which he issues an appropriate medical certificate. Check what information cannot be missing from it.
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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