Lekarz Medycyny Pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2021/02

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    • What has changed in the rules for issuing prescriptions (1)
      A new prescription regulation has been in force since 1 January 2021, which regulates how to dispense a cross-border electronic prescription issued in another Member State. While working on the regulation, the existing rules for issuing and filling national prescriptions were also refreshed.
  • Occupational medicine clinic
    • What you need to remember when you recognize changes  in interstitial lungs during the study prevention (3)
      The statement of changes in interstitial lungs during prophylactic examination should alert the doctor of occupational medicine and persuade him to take appropriate action, especially if the employment of the patient is related to the exposure that could be a potential etiological factor of their occurrence. How to proceed in such cases?
    • Can the occupational medicine doctor propose an update of the risk assessment with SARS-CoV-2 viruses (6)
      The employer asked the occupational medicine physician responsible for preventive health care for employees with the question whether it is enough for the risk assessment to include biological factors, contact with third parties mold, mildew in rooms and air-conditioning devices, colds and allergies. Should COVID-19 be added?
    • What is the role of an occupational medicine doctor in terms of consultations on the organization of remote work (7)
      The employer may consult the doctor who provides preventive health care for employees on issues related to safety and organization of remote work in order to prevent COVID-19. What should you know about?
    • What are the most important tasks of a doctor who provides preventive care for employees? (10)
      A prophylactic doctor issuing a false solution against the results of medical examinations would not act in accordance with medical ethics, and would also violate the basic canon on which the contractual relationship between him and the employer is based - mutual trust. Check what are the rules of performing the occupational medicine service.
    • Preventive examination card - can the patient sign it electronically (12)
      From 1 January 2021, there is an obligation to keep medical records in electronic form. How to get the patient's signature in the preventive examination card? Can it be in electronic form?
  • Forms
    • What is important when issuing a medical certificate to applicants for a train driver's certificate (13)
      One of the conditions necessary to obtain a train driver's certificate is obtaining a medical certificate confirming compliance with health, physical and mental requirements. How is this type of judgment issued?
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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