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    • Important changes to preventive examinations of employees are already in force (1)
      From December 16, new methodological guidelines for conducting preventive examinations of employees apply. Due to the fact that occupational medicine doctors are prepared to independently assess the basic parameters covered by the research of specialist doctors, which results from the specialization program in the field of occupational medicine, which was changed a few years ago, obligatory specialist consultations were abandoned in this respect. What else is changing?
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    • How to proceed when the prophylactic examination reveals interstitial changes in the lungs (3)
      The discovery of interstitial changes in the lungs during a prophylactic examination should alert the occupational medicine physician and encourage him to take appropriate action, especially when the employment of the patient is associated with exposure that may be a potential etiological factor of their occurrence. What to do in such cases?
    • Pocovid syndrome - will it be a new problem in occupational medicine (6)
      Postovid syndrome may be a challenge for occupational medicine, as it will be necessary to learn clinical management in such cases, as well as to be cautious in the context of deciding whether to continue work by a person with disease symptoms in the position indicated by the employer. Learn about the challenges that occupational health professionals may face.
    • Can psychological tests be a tool for an occupational medicine doctor (10)
      A large group of psychological tools can help occupational doctors in assessing the mental state of a patient, and they can be used entirely in accordance with the art. Take a closer look at how they are created, used and interpreted. Get the details.
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    • Does the teacher's throat condition qualify the disease as an occupational disease (12)
      The diagnosed disease can be considered an occupational disease when it is included in the list of occupational diseases and there is a cause and effect relationship between the resulting symptoms and the conditions in which the employee performed work. Can the disease of the voice organ caused by excessive vocal effort be considered professional? In such a case, does work under exposure automatically determine the classification of a given disease as an occupational disease?
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    • What cannot be missing in a medical certificate for vehicle drivers (14)
      The determination of the absence or existence of health contraindications to driving is the responsibility of a licensed physician who, on the basis of a medical examination, issues an appropriate certificate. How to fill in the model of the certificate, which will be used in all cases, except for examining persons applying for a license to drive an emergency vehicle or a vehicle carrying money?
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    • Most recent legal changes (16)

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