• SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection was entered in the list of occupational diseases (1)
    The SARS-CoV-2 virus was considered an occupational disease if it was caused by factors harmful to health in the work environment or the way of performing work contributed to it. On this occasion, it is necessary to look more broadly at the problem of underestimating the number of occupational diseases in Poland.
  • Was brucellosis seen by a veterinarian as an occupational disease (4)
    In the case of an employee employed as a veterinarian, it is possible to diagnose an occupational disease - brucellosis infection - when, apart from the lumbosacral spine and sciatica symptoms, he does not exhibit symptoms typical of brucellosis? How important is serological testing for the diagnosis of this occupational disease?
  • What an occupational medicine doctor writes to the so-called Sanepid books (6)
    To the test booklet for sanitary and epidemiological purposes, the so-called Sanitary and Epidemiological Booklet, the doctor entered the laboratory tests performed for sanitary and epidemiological purposes and the contents of the issued decision. However, the provisions in this respect were repealed in 2008 by the Act on preventing and combating infections and infectious diseases in humans. How is it now?
  • What is the role of an occupational medicine doctor as a member of the OHS commission (7)
    A doctor who provides preventive health care for employees is part of the health and safety commission, which must be appointed by employers employing more than 250 employees. In order to avoid disputes with the employer for whom such a commission operates, we present the key issues related to the activity of the health and safety commission and the role of the doctor in this advisory body.
  • How to process data in occupational medicine comes in connection with COVID-19 (10)
    Medical facilities are places where patients may most often be exposed to the coronavirus. Regardless of the development of the pandemic, its silencing or a possible second wave, each personal data administrator must take care of data protection security. how to fulfill this obligation in occupational medicine clinics?
  • Registration in an occupational medicine clinic - how to organize it in the time of an epidemic (12)
    The pandemic period creates difficulties not only for the medical staff, but also for the entire clinic, due to the necessity to introduce numerous organizational changes. One of them is only telephone appointments to doctors. How to organize work?
  • Will the time premise be taken into account when diagnosing an occupational disease (14)
    The diagnosis of an occupational disease in an employee or former employee may take place during the period of his employment in occupational exposure or after termination of work in such exposure, provided that documented disease symptoms occur during the period specified in the list of occupational diseases - this was the decision of the Provincial Administrative Court in Gliwice.
  • Workplace Stress Identification Checklist (16)

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