• Review of new legislation in the field of occupational medicine February-March 2020 (1)
    • Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 27 February 2020 on SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection
    • Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 7 February 2020 amending the ordinance on the list of entities authorized to conduct tests of materials and technological processes in order to determine the degree of their harmfulness to health and the scope of these tests
    • Regulation of the Minister of Energy of August 28, 2019 on health and safety at work at power equipment
    • The Act of 23 January 2020 amending the Act on the State Sanitary Inspection and some other acts
  • From 2021, the 'Prevention 40 plus' program (2)
    Reaching 11 million potentially sick people who can be talked about before they are really sick will be enabled by the "Prophylaxis 40 plus" program, which is to start functioning from January 1, 2021. Learn the details of this groundbreaking solution and the new role of occupational medicine doctors.
  • Are wrist complaints after hard work at the supermarket an occupational disease (3)
    The claimant and other employees of the hypermarket often drove carts loaded with pallets of goods far exceeding the permissible standards arising from health and safety regulations. After quitting her job, the woman felt pain in her hands. She applied to the provincial center of occupational medicine. Check if this condition is considered an occupational disease.
  • Safety at energy devices - new regulations from March 2020 (4)
    Industrial energy consumers have repetitive problems with defining the boundary of the energy device and energy receiver. This often resulted in the lack of operating instructions for the equipment or incorrect development of the operating procedure. The situation is to be changed by a new regulation that clarifies these issues.
  • How to protect the welder's health against hazards at his workplace (6)
    Welders are exposed to glare, burns, electric shocks, fires, explosions, poisoning, which cause injuries and diseases of the skin, eyes or lungs. This is a very dangerous job. Check what preventive measures are worth taking in this professional group.
  • How to avoid mistakes in the decision of an occupational doctor (8)
    An occupational medicine doctor assesses the threats to the employee's health and life in the workplace. Based on the referral from the employer, he conducts preliminary, periodic and control tests. Check what information you should include in the judgment and how to complete it properly.
  • What occupational hazards is the medical supervisor exposed to (9)
    Aggression on the part of the patient, caused for example by his illness, mental imbalance, depression or nervous exhaustion, is one of the threats to which the medical carer is exposed while performing care and nursing activities in patients. Check what other risks are associated with this profession.
  • Can a doctor refuse to give a reason for an occupational disease (12)
    In the ZUS N-9 prints, the occupational medicine doctor pointed to degenerative changes, scoliosis, discopathy and back pain syndrome. Can such events be caused by an idiopathic disease, which will result in injuries during the performance of various jobs and should be classified as accidents at work? is the doctor obliged to give an opinion on the injury or its cause?
  • Forklift operator - what are the risks at his workplace (12)
    The specificity of the work of the forklift operator, especially employed in the warehouse, shipping or logistics company, requires not only performing work related to the operation of the forklift, but also other transport work performed using various auxiliary means of transport, and even manual transport work. Check the hazards at this workplace.
  • Occupational medicine service - what medical records do you need to keep (14)
    The preventive examination card and medical records are specific occupational medicine documentation that you must complete. What other files do you need to keep when you have preventive health care for those who work?
  • What impact does the medical certificate have on the decision to establish an occupational disease (16)
    The sanitary inspector may request from the occupational medicine doctor an additional justification of the decision, which is one of the evidence in the proceedings for the determination of an occupational disease or lack thereof. Check how this procedure works.

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