• The Parliament adopted a report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2021 (3)
  • News not only from Poland (5)
  • When an employee is ill, axiological basis for sick pay (7)
    During a temporary inability to perform work, an employee should be indisputably provided with a source of financing that will enable him to function on a daily basis and receive treatment in the event of illness. However, the discussion on the method of financing this legal institution is justified.
  • Counteracting the shadow economy. The Polish Order and Illegal Employment (12)
    The new regulations concerning the declaration of illegal employment or non-disclosure of remuneration to the tax office or the Social Insurance Institution transfer all related costs to the employer. This is to encourage employees to report irregularities.
  • The business importance of investing in safety and health at work. Nearly half a thousand participants talked about investing in safe work (16)
    On September 23, 2022 at the Training Center of the National Labor Inspectorate in Wrocław, the conference "The business importance of investing in safety and health at work" was held. During the meeting, organized in the hybrid formula, it was emphasized that investing in safety, health and better well-being of employees pays off. The necessity of cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientists and public administration units was also emphasized.
  • Conference of the National Labor Inspectorate and Employers of the Republic of Poland (18)
  • They take care of the safety of the farm. Sunday free or working Sunday - who is this right for? (20)
    The National Institute of Rural Culture and Heritage in Warsaw held on September 29 this year. the final gala of the 19th National Competition "Safe Farm".
  • Machine interlocking and interlocking guards with interlock. Risk reduction and protection against hazards (21)
    Guards are physical barriers designed and manufactured as parts of machinery and intended to provide protection against the hazards involved.
  • Personal permits to operate the truck - valid or invalid? Employers often misinterpret the provisions (24)
    The Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of December 15, 2017 on occupational health and safety when using motor-powered industrial trucks entered into force on August 10, 2018. years, the problem is the interpretation of the provisions on the required qualifications for the operation of industrial trucks.
  • Conformity assessment for production lines. Safety and certification of machines (26)
    The article analyzes the subject of conformity assessment of production lines and machine assemblies by their producers after assembly on the premises of the final recipient. The author tries to find an answer to the question whether the production line should meet the requirements for conformity assessment already at the design and production stage, or whether it can be done only after complete assembly at the end user.
  • What has the pandemic taught us? Pros and cons of remote work (30)
    The presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has affected all spheres of our lives. One of them is the working environment. From March 2020, employers and employees were forced to change their previous behaviors and habits and develop ways of coping with the pandemic.
  • He survived thanks to his small physique (33)
    Ensuring safe working conditions is one of the basic obligations of the employer. When safety regulations and rules are disregarded, and employees do not have the appropriate preparation for work or the knowledge of how to safely perform it, an accident is a matter of time.
  • Fine for death after alcohol (35)
    Labor inspectors established the causes of a fatal accident in one of Kraków's shopping malls, where an employee installing a ventilation and air-conditioning system was killed. The co-owner of the civil law partnership performing the assembly has to pay a fine of PLN 15,000, and the court proceedings are pending against the other one.

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