• Labor Protection Council: On the budget of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2023 (3)
  • News not only from Poland (4)
  • Mobility package. Amendments to the provisions on the posting of drivers (6)
    The mobility package is, to put it simply, a set of provisions regulating the principles of road transport within the European Union. They concern both the driver's working time, driving, required rests, and remuneration conditions.
  • Leave benefits. How to calculate the equivalent for annual leave? (Part 2) (9)
    If the employee does not take the holiday leave due to termination of his employment , he is entitled to a cash equivalent.
  • Time to work in your own time. Selected aspects of the task-based working time system (12)
    Much has been written about the task-based working time system. The subject of this article are such issues as the work in this system of part-time and disabled employees, the application of the provisions on entrusting an employee with work other than that specified in the employment contract, or some aspects of its introduction and the permissible settlement periods.
  • Under the inspector's magnifying glass. Illegally legal employee (16)
    With the order to pay outstanding wages, a penalty notice and, above all, reporting to the prosecutor's office the suspicion of document forgery, an inspection carried out by a labor inspector from the District Labor Inspectorate in Rzeszów ended at one of the construction and trade companies near Rzeszów.
  • For the sake of road safety. Preventive checks on agricultural vehicles (17)
    Agriculture is one of the sectors of the economy with the highest number of accidents at work. Safe work on the farm is a particularly important topic during summer field work.
  • Harvest 2022. Preventive inspections of agricultural vehicles in Wielkopolska (18)
  • Store in the reading room or reading room in the store? Trade establishments and bypassing the Sunday trading ban (20)
    The purpose of the amended Act in 2021 on restricting trading on Sundays and public holidays and on certain other days was to eliminate the improper application of the exemptions specified in Art. 6 sec. 1 of the act. Has it been possible? National Labor Inspectorate inspectors check how the regulations are applied in practice.
  • Safety on the signal. What do the regulations say about the warning signal? (24)
    The employer should ensure that safety signals are applied wherever a threat cannot be eliminated by collective protective measures or other measures applied in the organization of work.
  • Health and safety in laundries. Eliminating occupational hazards in laundries (31)
    Laundry is a special place of work. The operation of industrial laundries is regulated by special industry legal standards that define such issues as the number and layout of rooms or the finishing of walls and floors. You have to take into account the specificity of such places, i.e. contact with chemicals, high temperature, steam and the operation of professional laundry machines, which often threatens the safety of the employee. All these factors make the principles of occupational health and safety particularly important.
  • My vassal is not my vassal. Who is responsible for the accident investigation? (34)
    The case of a temporary employment agency worker who suffered an accident at the user employer shows that the question of the entity responsible for determining the causes and circumstances of such an event is not so obvious.

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