• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: Unanimous support of the Labor Protection Council for the inspection activities. On recruiting staff for the National Labor Inspectorate (3)
    The concept of solutions for the recruitment of specialists for the positions of labor inspectors was devoted to the meeting of the Chief Labor Inspector with members of the Labor Protection Council, organized on the initiative of the head of the National Labor Inspectorate on August 23, 2021.
  • News not only from Poland (4)
    • Seasonal workers in the ELA campaign
    • Meeting with the vice-president of the Trade Unions Forum
    • Labor inspectors will have time to recover
    • Conference on hazardous chemicals
    • For those returning to the labor market
  • In search of an agreement. Mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution in labor law (6)
    It is a conciliation institution aimed at resolving an existing conflict or dispute in an amicable manner, it also gives the parties a chance to continue cooperation in the future. Mediation in labor matters does not resolve all disputes, but it has undoubted social and financial advantages.
  • Under the umbrella of GDPR. Remote work of National Labor Inspectorate employees and the protection of personal data (10)
    In order to limit the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, public and private entities had to face new challenges, such as organization of work, including the possibility of performing and working remotely. These problems also affected the National Labor Inspectorate. The current became so the question of how to proceed when working remotely, so as not to violate the provisions on the protection of personal data, and what obligations apply not only to the administrator, but also (and perhaps primarily) on workers PIP, including the inspectors work, kt yellow WHO process personal data?
  • Record anatomy. Health and safety at the construction site of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe (14)
    No building as high as the Varso Tower has been built in Poland yet. No wonder that it has become a great challenge not only in terms of architectural solutions, construction technology and logistics, but also the safety of contractors.
  • Laureates of the Chief Labor Inspector's Award Roman Giedrojć (18)
  • I like doing useful things. An interview with Agnieszka Kraszewska-Gądziątkowska, superintendent of work at the District Labor Inspectorate in Gdańsk (20)
  • The formula for safety. Technical measures to reduce the risk associated with the use of mechanical presses (22)
    The possibility of press operators and other people coming into contact with the moving parts of the tool area poses a risk of traumatic amputation, mainly of the upper limbs. This is where the technical risk mitigation measures used in mechanical presses are concentrated.
  • Construction of the bridge in Kurów under supervision (26)
  • Attention! Tractors on the road (27)
    Caring about the safety of farmers and other road users, Poznan Regional Labor Inspectorate, Road Traffic Department of the Regional Police Headquarters and the Department of Regional Agricultural Social Insurance Fund conducted joint inspections related to the improvement of the safety of agricultural machinery and equipment moving on public roads.
  • Long list of responsibilities. Powers of the district labor inspector in the years 1919-1939 (28)
  • A light in the forest. The tragic consequences of ignoring the risks in logging (33)
    The irresponsible behavior of loggers who harvest timber in forests is becoming one of the major causes of accidents at work. When examining their circumstances, the question is more and more often asked: "What led to such behavior in experienced saw operators?". It seems that finding the right answer to this question is one of the challenges that need to be taken up when auditing this type of work.

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