• In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland: Chief Labor Inspector presented reports (3)
  • Remote work at the Labor Protection Council (5)
  • News not only from the country (6)
  • Mom under the umbrella. Protection of the employee-parent employment relationship (8)
    An employment contract concluded for a definite period or for a trial period exceeding one month, which would be terminated after the third month of pregnancy, is extended until the day of delivery.
  • Under the inspector's magnifying glass: Court for illegal employment; Syndic has been punished (14)
  • How scare it to the inspector. After four months of the labor inspection, the information campaign still arouses enormous interest (15)
  • Duty of National Labor Inspectorate experts in the media - on work and OSH in a pandemic (18)
  • Risk reduction. Technical protective measures for machines limiting the emission of harmful agents and hazardous substances (20)
  • To keep the machine safe (part 1). Legal and technical problems of labor inspectors in controlling the adaptation of machines to the minimum requirements (24)
  • From the history cards of the National Labor Inspectorate. End of the temporal period (Part 1) (28)
  • Under the inspector's magnifying glass: Stuntmen on the construction site; High Risk Summer Resort (33)
  • Essential "shortcomings" of the machine set. Liability of the employer and the producer for a serious accident at work (34)

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