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  • News not only from country (4)
  • In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland (4)
    • Labor inspection activities in the age of pandemic
      The plenary meeting of the Labor Protection Council on 1 May 2, 2020 was devoted to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work environment. Like the previous one, it was carried out remotely.
  • Troublesome ZUS IWA - How to check employer data on accidents (part 1) (6)
    The National Labor Inspectorate has been conducting inspection activities for many years regarding the correctness of the preparation of ZUS IWA information by employers. Although the obligation to submit this information has existed for many years, there are still many doubts as to how to complete these documents. In particular, this applies to determining the number of persons employed in hazardous conditions and the number of persons injured in accidents, i.e. within the scope of being the main area controlled by labor inspectors.
  • Donkey work. Comments on the control of the legality of employment of Polish citizens in the Opolskie Voivodeship (10)
    The current legal status and actual possibilities in which labor inspectors deal with the issue of employment legality on a daily basis should provoke the initiation of discussions on the condition of employment legality mechanisms in Poland. The article presents comments on the control of the legality of employment of Polish citizens in the Opolskie Voivodeship.
  • Let childhood be idyllic (13)
    Especially during intensified field work, such as harvest, children require attention. Under no circumstances should you take them to the field. Although they often want to help their parents in their daily duties, there is a lot of agricultural work that is dangerous or harmful to them.
  • List of particularly dangerous activities related to operating a farm which must not be entrusted to children under 16 years of age (14)
  • You don't take risks when you know and respect animals. Art competition for children "Safe in the countryside" (17)
  • Contest. Awarded works (18)
    Inspire, support and be able to help. Interview with Małgorzata Łagocka, District Labor Inspector in Wrocław (20)
  • Guarantor of life and health. Review of protection measures as an obligation of the employer (25)
    correctly selected and used personal protective equipment against falling from a height has a direct impact on the protection of the health and life of the employee. What are the most important legal regulations in this area, which is very important for employees and employers?
  • Stay ahead of the risk. Light curtains and machine barriers (28)
    They belong to the most commonly used non-contact protective devices for machines. They provide protection by restoring the machine to a safe state before a person can be in an emergency.
  • Coming out of isolation. Stress, frustration, anger, fear and confusion (30)
    The experience to date regarding the gradual abolition of restrictions indicates that leaving home, meeting people in a shop, pharmacy or post office, and above all at the workplace, are not a joyful return to normality, but a tense experience. Finding ourselves in the new reality will be easier if we treat ourselves and others with kindness and compassion, if we know what is happening to us, what we feel and how we deal with new and unexpected emotions.
  • Kitchen horror - a crushed hand and amputated finger are the result of an accident when processing meat for cutlets (34)
    If the machine does not have the required safety features and is additionally operated by an untrained employee, it is only a matter of time before an accident at work occurs.

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