Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2019/02

  • In the Parliament (3)
    In the Parliament on January 16, 2019, the exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the National Labor Inspectorate entitled "From age to work protection" was officially opened. It presents the most important events in the life of the Polish labor inspectorate over the last century and the profiles of the people who created it.
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • A jubilee of employment services
    • The senators supported the budget of the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Acceptance of the action program
    • The final of the competition
    • Seminar on eurodelegation
    • The deputies got acquainted with the program of the National Labor Inspectorate
    • Second Forum of Schools of Crafts
    • Representatives of the Philippine Embassy
    • At the Podkarpacka Philharmonic
  • Employee's duty (6)
    According to art. 151 § 1 of the Labor Code, an employer may oblige an employee to remain outside normal working hours in readiness to perform work resulting from a contract of employment at the workplace or in another place designated by the employer (on-call duty).
  • Additional teacher classes - unpaid or paid? (10)
    The article was inspired by recurring questions of public school teachers for remuneration for additional classes, such as interest groups or compensatory classes, which they did not receive.
  • Training on the ferry (12)
    During the voyage to Ystad, the unit m / f Polonia hosted the training of members of the National Section of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation at the District Labor Inspectorate in Gdańsk. Also present were the current head of the Gdansk district, Robert Strąk, and representatives of the Department of Supervision and Control of the Chief Labor Inspectorate.
  • Ready for control (14)
    Anniversary celebration. The head of the inspection signed the Code of Ethics. A Tribute to the Work Inspectors - Anniversary Mass at the Warsaw Archicathedral.
  • Ceremonial jubilee meeting (16)
  • Anniversary Mass - Jubilee exhibition in the Sejm - photoreport (18)
  • Works in excavations. Errors, irregularities and good practices (20)
    Earthworks, during which excavations for foundations or ditches for various types of installations arise, are an indispensable stage of any construction process. The health and lives of workers working in the excavation are exposed in a special way, because these works are burdened with one of the greatest accident hazards.
  • Difficult proceedings in market surveillance (25)
    Turkish steam sterilizers did not meet the essential requirements of the Pressure Directive 97/23 / EC. This was revealed by the labor inspector during inspections at one of the Kraków universities.
  • Risk reduction - contact protection devices of machines (27)
    The contact protection devices of machines are classified as non-scalable devices. These include two-hand control devices, mats and pressure sensitive strips.
  • Impulse for the future - an interview with Ryszard Wardęga, head of the Branch in Sieradz, District Labor Inspectorate in Łódź (30)
  • Library (35)
  • Deadly fall (36)
    The lack of individual and collective means of effective protection against falling from heights led to the death of the worker arranging the hall of the market hall.

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