Inspektor Pracy (Labor Inspector) 2019/01

  • Introduction - Chief Labor Inspector (3)
    In January 1919, a labor inspection was created in Poland. In January 2019, we celebrate the hundredth anniversary of this event. With joy and pride, we give you a special issue of the "Labor Inspector", which the editors decided to celebrate the hundred years of the existence of the Polish labor inspectorate.
  • Interim Decree on the equipment and activity of the Labor Inspectorate (4)
    Diary of Polish Law, Warsaw, No. 5, January 13, 1919.
  • Franciszek Sokal - In memoriam (7)
    The 100th anniversary of the existence of the Polish labor inspection is a good moment to recall its history; not only great breakthroughs in the functioning of the office, but also people who contributed to its creation and proper functioning. Particularly noteworthy is the first Chief Labor Inspector, Franciszek Sokal, a respected politician and diplomat, a man whom the labor inspection owes to modernity and professionalism.
  • The right way of the Labor Inspectorate (11)
    Discussions about what the labor inspection should look like, what changes should be made and what direction to follow in order to best fulfill the mission of protecting the right to safe work, accompany labor inspectors from the beginning of the office. 86 years ago, only a dozen or so years after the decree on the device and activity of labor inspectorate was published, a text appeared in the "Labor Inspector", in which conclusions regarding the functioning of our institution were boldly formulated. We publish it in the jubilee issue with the conviction that today it can be an important voice in the discussion on the priorities of labor inspection.
  • Halina Krahelska on labor protection (14)
    As part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of labor inspection, it is worth mentioning the extraordinary labor inspector, Halina Krahelska, whose views were far ahead of the era and are still up to date.
  • Whip on directors (18)
    From the school ID of the State Female High School in Krakow, a seriously-looked student of the VII B class, tiny, modest Zunia, as her colleagues called her. Already at that time she had specific plans for the future: she read Halina Krahelska's writings and wanted to fight for the rights of women and adolescents as much as she did. She did not even think that soon she would meet with the admired labor inspector.
  • Chief Labor Inspectors 1919-2019 (21)
  • With a vision about Poland and the Labor Inspectorate (25)
    On the role of the rebirth of Poland in international structures, on the creation of the law on labor inspection, its changes and future functioning in the statements of the chief labor inspectors.
  • 90th Anniversary of the "Labor Inspector" (27)
    In the first January issue of the Labor Inspector of 1929, we read that in order to celebrate the decade of inspections, labor inspectors of the first and second ward on the joint meeting on October 13, 1928, among others, adopted a resolution on creating a labor inspection letter to allow free internal discussion in cases related to inspection work. The temporary Editorial Committee was then selected and voluntarily taxed on the lack of other funds.
  • The role and tasks of the Chief Labor Inspector (29)
    The National Labor Inspectorate, which has been in the Polish legal order for 100 years, has been appointed to supervise and control compliance with labor law, including in particular the provisions and principles of occupational health and safety. the subordinate inspection of work during its existence was subject to significant modifications.
  • Inspection 4.0 (39)
    The second decade of the 21st century is an introduction to the new era of the industry called Industry 4.0. From a historical perspective, industry 1.0 is the period of steam and mechanical control. Industry 2.0 is the period of electrification and control of production processes with the use of electrical systems. Industry 3.0 is the period of digitization, process automation and system management of the production process. Industry 4.0 is the era of artificial intelligence, integration of people, machines and information technologies. Similarly to industrial development, it is possible to describe the changes of labor inspection.
  • Explosion of the injection gas cylinder of the pneumatic starting device of the diesel engine (42)
    In the mineral oil refinery of the Lviv inspection district, a very serious accident occurred in the explosion of the injection vessel of a 50 HP diesel engine.
  • Historical Library (43)

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