• The Polish Parliament adopted the report (3)
    On November 23, 2018, the Parliament of the Republic of Poland adopted the report of the Chief Labor Inspector on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate in 2017.
  • Information not only from the country (5)
    • Visit of the Czech labor inspectorate
    • Changes in the work environment
    • Meeting of the Expert Committee
    • Polish-German Dialogue of Health and Safety
    • In the service of a working man
    • Meeting of Polish capital
    • The Finance Committee supports the budget
    • At a joint conference
  • European Labor Office
    The Council for adopting the budget of the National Labor Inspectorate
  • Good practices in Świętokrzyskie
  • The jubilee of Railway Trade Unions
  • Awards from the Chief Labor Inspector (8)
    At the Royal Castle in Warsaw on November 27, 2018, the ceremony of submitting the annual. Halina Krahelska and awards in the XXV edition of the competition "Employer - organizer of safe work" and special distinctions of the main in-work supervisor for social labor inspectors.
  • Employer - safe work organizer (10)
  • And yet it was worth it (15)
    Not always the job inspector's request for confirmation in writing of the fact of concluding a contract of employment or for the conclusion of a contract of employment instead of a civil law contract is carried out by the employer. In such a case, the labor inspector should in principle apply to the labor court for an employment determination.
  • Gala at the Royal Castle (18)
  • Archiving documentation (20)
    The entrepreneur acquires the status of an employer when employing a natural person under a contract of employment. One of his duties is to keep records on matters related to the employment relationship and personal files of employees. is also obliged to store this documentation.
  • Every day and from holidays (25)
    Barbórka is a traditional celebration of miners celebrated every year on December 4 on St. Barbars from Nikomedia, patron of good death and difficult work. Apart from miners, they are also celebrated by geologists and other people involved in fossil fuel exploration.
  • Szczecin gala "Together for safety" (26)
  • Summary of preventive activities in Rzeszów (28)
    Chief Labor Inspector Wiesław Łyszczek took part in the ceremony summarizing the preventive activities and competitions conducted by the Regional Labor Inspectorate in Rzeszów in 2018. It took place on November 16, 2018 in the Auditorium Hall of the Marshal's Office in Rzeszów.
  • Competition for journalists (29)
    Difficult and demanding occupation - an interview with Krzysztof Lisowski, superintendent at the OIP in Gdańsk (30)
  • Work in a cold microclimate (33)
  • "Reputation" with bad reputation (34)
  • Amputation of the forearm in the garbage sorting plant (36)

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