Informator Ochrony Pracy (kwartalnik) (Labor protection guide) 2021-2022/04

  • Association's Facebook page (2)
  • Mr. Edward will not write anymore ... Memoir about Edward Kołodziejczyk (3)
  • From the life of the association
    • Establishing new branches of the Labor Protection Association
    • From the activities of the Association's branches
  • Interesting events
    • II Forum Safety First (Safety first)
    • Conference "Digital stress"
    • Conferences in Mrzeżyno, "Security in Industry" III and "The PPE market in Poland"
    • Labor Law 2022 - current problems and subsequent changes
    • The Second Polish National Conference "Health and Safety in Business - Challenges and Expectations
    • VI International Conference Wellbeing at Work 2022
    • Conference following the EC's proposal to work on digital platforms
    • The development of the digital economy and human safety in the work environment

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