Bezpieczny Magazyn (Secure Warehouse) 2020/02

  • System Automation (2)
  • Proptech increases the level of security (4)
    For several years, the Polish market of commercial real estate in the warehouse sector has been implementing new proptech solutions. Among the most popular are, among others automatic lighting control, license plate reading systems or media monitoring, as well as broadly understood production automation and robotization. Technological progress, and with it the acquisition of new solutions to improve and make people's work more efficient, is no longer science fiction. It was proptech that made it possible for the warehouse sector to feel less acutely from the effects of the pandemic compared to other sectors of the real estate market. How does computer systems, extensive internet networks, internet applications, the use of AI and VR technologies or drones change the reality that surrounds us? How can Proptech solutions help companies return to pre-pandemic times faster?
  • High Risk Warehouse (8)
    In May, the FM Logistic Central Europa warehouse located in Wola Bykowska, near Piotrków Trybunalski, obtained the status of a Large Risk Plant. There is also a special zone, the so-called ADR, where particularly high-risk goods can be stored. Thanks to this investment, the logistics operator expanded its offer of handling goods classified as dangerous.
  • A New Approach to Security (10)
    The pandemic we face today is changing many aspects of our lives. The necessity to modify processes in enterprises or new consumer habits are just some of them. First of all, the aspect of security is of greater importance. This is clearly visible in the intralogistics industry.
  • Safety during a pandemic (13)
    In the current situation of an epidemic threat, it is recommended to organize remote work. However, it is hard to imagine warehouse workers performing their duties from home. How to keep them safe at work?
  • On-line OHS training (15)
    The changes caused by the spread of the coronavirus also affected OHS training. Their remote form has also been allowed where previously they were organized only in the stationary form. Will the current pandemic crisis accelerate the digital transformation of OSH education?
  • Sanitary regime in defrosting the economy (18)
    The frostbite of the economy will be successful only if each facility available to the public provides employees and clients with the highest standards of epidemiological protection. This requires the use of many important sanitary procedures and systems, in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspector - in cooperation with professional cleaning and sanitary safety companies.
  • Robotization increases our safety (22)
    According to data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland, 83,205 people injured in accidents at work were reported in 2019, and the accident rate was 6.15. This is less than last year. The improvement of statistics is influenced, among others, by changes in the employment structure and robotics.
  • A look at the entire warehouse (24)
    Fleet management systems are increasingly tailored to the needs of users. Suppliers collect data and configure parameters on an ongoing basis, adjusting workplaces to requirements. The size of the forklift fleet is not an obstacle to be able to take full advantage of the system. There are no technical limitations in this regard, but there are measurable benefits.
  • SIEGA - professional fleet management tool (27)
    Along with the development of logistics services, there are more and more tools to implement complex processes taking place in the areas of storage and distribution of goods. The basic equipment in internal transport is a forklift, and the effective use of a managed fleet is the goal of every company.
  • Functional flexibility (31)
    Every year the number of forklifts working in warehouses and industrial and logistic centers is growing. According to the Widlak List 2020 report, approx. 300 thousand are used on the market. handling equipment. Even several dozen pieces of equipment work in operational warehouses at the same time. It is difficult to control a large number of forklifts without the right tools for the working conditions.
  • Flexible charging of various batteries (33)
    From burgers to brooms, HAVI Logistics stocks and delivers almost everything its customers need. The company is one of the largest logistics service providers for the food industry in Europe. Its activity is focused on the logistics of fresh and frozen products, and has three branches in Austria itself.
  • DB Schenker implements autonomous forklifts (37)
    Following the successful completion of the pilot project at the Eching warehouse, DB Schenker introduced regular operations with an autonomous forklift.
  • Leds in stock. Light source and ... savings (38)
    Replacing traditional lighting with a LED system brings various benefits on many levels, and thus can have a significant impact on the company's operating costs. First of all, it significantly reduces the costs of electricity consumption - even by 90%. Secondly, the higher quality of light improves the efficiency of warehouse workers. Thirdly, it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide to the environment, which has a positive effect on our planet.
  • Two new products from Exide Technologies (40)
    Exide Technologies, a global supplier of energy storage solutions, introduces the new GNB Sonnenschein Lithium Material Handling battery - designed for the smooth operation of modern warehouses. The GNB Fleet fleet management software has also been introduced - based on cloud computing, which optimizes the fleet uptime, maximizes its efficiency and reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Preventive remote temperature measurement (42)
    The coronavirus epidemic, which has spread throughout the world and has already affected over 14,000 people in Poland, is characterized by the ability to infect large groups of people. One of the symptoms of the disease is high fever. Therefore, it became necessary to implement the limitation of contacts between people and to detect potentially infected people, e.g. by remote body temperature measurement. A modern solution that can help fight the epidemic are automated group thermovision body temperature measurement systems. How do they work?
  • Managing warehouse space in highly dynamic industries (44)
    The warehouse is one of the most important links in any enterprise dealing with production and logistics. Manufacturers who manage a large amount of goods often face the need to urgently increase storage space. Modern industrial construction allows you to solve this problem very quickly, a good example of which is the growing popularity of tent halls. Objects of this type can be erected in as little as a month without a building permit.
  • Temporary shutdown of forklifts and batteries (47)
    Every entrepreneur who is forced to shut down forklifts for a long time should ensure that the room in which the machines will be stored is properly prepared. Forklifts may only be kept in frost-free, dry rooms.

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