Bezpieczny Magazyn (Secure Warehouse) 2020/01

  • In the shadow of the coronavirus (2)
  • NexSys batteries for every work in intralogistic solutions (4)
    For users looking for exceptional cyclic performance, frequent recharging and longer life, we offer the NexsSys PURE battery. It is a battery with an admixture of carbon in the active material and has such interesting properties that it is an attractive alternative to lithium-ion batteries in many applications.
  • The Kuehne + Nagel magazine in Święcice wins (6)
    The industrial and warehouse market has records, and the number of warehouses commissioned is steadily increasing. These are facilities adapted to processes and operations that take place in them. Class A warehouses have an increasingly higher standard of workmanship and adaptation to appropriate processes. Modern technologies used in storage and warehousing processes allow achieving high standards of safety in the warehouse.
  • The first edition of IngtraMag Poland is behind us (10)
    Prepared from the beginning as an international event, IntraMag Poland is a new event dedicated to internal logistics, warehousing, modern technologies used in supply chain management, and warehouse security.
  • Thermal insulation of warehouse buildings (14)
    Ecological issues are increasingly important in the construction market. Of course, the warehouse market is no exception. Striving to increase energy efficiency in construction is one of the ways to achieve energy independence by EU countries and improve the quality of life as a result of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The basic objectives in this area were formulated in EU directives and then implemented into national legislation by means of updating legislative and executive provisions.
  • The principle of three layers, or how to complete the optimal work outfit (16)
    Scandinavians say that there is no bad weather, only badly selected clothes. Therefore, especially when choosing a work outfit, they adhere to the proven principle of 3 layers. It helps to maintain thermal comfort regardless of the conditions set by the changing weather and work dynamics. In the article, we explain what tasks each level performs and how to choose the right wardrobe items for it.
  • Safe handling is possible! (18)
    Tightening OSH regulations are not at all a sign of clerical malice. If under the previous regime entrepreneurs in Poland did not really care about security issues, they are now precisely regulated by legal norms. Regulations of this type today apply to all industries, including logistics, which is increasingly looking for solutions to improve safety, e.g. during cargo handling. Kolbud's company meets the high expectations of this sector with a solution called Combilok.
  • 10 facts about the warehouse market in Poland - a summary of 2019 (21)
    AXI IMMO has prepared a report summarizing 2019 on the warehouse market in Poland, indicating the 10 most important facts that shaped the image of the sector last year and will affect its future in the coming months.
  • 2019 in the facility management industry (24)
    In 2019, an unprecedented boom in warehouse space and related services took place in the Facility Management industry. The big challenge is the issue of human resources and the level of qualifications, which is critical in FM. Leading companies increase employment, but the situation on the labor market affects the development of the so-called proptech. In 2020, there will be even more struggle for employees, permanent digitization of processes, constant shortening and streamlining of operations.
  • 2019 in warehouse management (26)
  • Stretch work trousers (30)
    Tens, hundreds or thousands of squats, accidents or even splits are the everyday life of professionals working in workshops, factories and on construction sites. In such demanding conditions, you must not only show good condition, but also have the right pants. It is worth choosing those with the use of stretch, which as a stretch material significantly increases the comfort and functionality of use.
  • In magazines, they are seriously thinking about the comfort of work of the employees (32)
    Tenants in cooperation with the owners of warehouse facilities do a lot to make people want to work with them and not let them compete with a competing company. In most large warehouse parks, free delivery to work and home is already standard, as are free or heavily subsidized meals. However, this is only the beginning of the list of non-wage profits offered to those willing to work in warehouses.
  • How work safety is being digitized in the FM industry (34)
    The FM industry is looking for a way to optimize OSH activities that in this sector are associated with an exceptional multiplicity and diversity of threats. Work safety is increasingly influenced by the digitization of processes, which is also becoming more and more practical in OSH. The needs or solutions related to health and safety at work change much faster than legislation and regulations.
  • Innovative compact printer series (37)
    The edding "in-line 12" and "portable 12" printers represent the new generation of compact industrial printers. They provide exceptional reliability and are able to integrate seamlessly with business operations and processes. The edding "in-line 12" printer has been designed to meet stringent coding standards in the production line in the food and drink industry, while the "portable 12" model is the perfect solution for all applications in the logistics industry.
  • Warehouse under control (38)
    The Polish logistics market is constantly developing. As the competition increases, the reliability of carriers becomes an increasingly important aspect. That is why, when talking about modern and effective logistics, it is difficult to omit proper protection of goods and places of their storage. It allows you to eliminate irregularities such as mistaken or lost packages. To easily and effectively reduce such incidents, it is worth focusing on modern technologies, including video monitoring.
  • Infrared Monitoring Cameras (41)
    Panasonic introduces new i-PRO Extreme PTZ infrared cameras. They set a new quality standard in terms of visibility at night and related intelligent functions. The devices are designed to provide reliability and have minimum maintenance requirements, which allows them to reduce their total cost of ownership as much as possible.
  • New concept of security and functionality in a warehouse (43)
  • Data Protection Day 2020: Risk mitigation in the era of transparency (46)
    Until recently, issues of personal data protection and privacy only involved a small group of specialists in enterprises and institutions. If someone was not an IT consultant or a lawyer, they were not interested in the compliance of procedures with the principles of privacy protection. So how has it been possible to achieve a state where many organizations are legally obliged to employ a Data Protection Officer? Why are managers so interested in the data protection strategy and privacy policy of their companies?
  • Policy against loss of profit? Yes, but insurers set conditions (50)
    An unplanned interruption in production operations or problems with stored products mean enormous losses to business. You can insure yourself against the loss of profit due to the breakdown of production lines or the breakage of stored goods. Insurers impose an obligation on clients to manage their property in the production hall or warehouse - failure to do so results in no compensation.
  • Rack damage analysis: part 2 - Reduction of damage as part of the procedural system resulting from the PN-EN 15635 standard. Case studies (53)
    We continue the topic of analyzing cases of non-compliance of racks as an element of warehouse security, in particular the implementation of the procedure for reducing the amount of damage. The author directs this content mainly to PRSES, although not one inspector carrying out expert reviews will gain useful knowledge here.

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