Bezpieczny Magazyn (Secure Warehouse) 2019/03 (12)

  • At the opening of autumn (2)
  • Winner of the 5th edition of the Health and Safety Staff Championship (4)
    A record number of almost 1,000 participants took part in the first stage of this year's edition. Over 50 people to the finals. The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute
  • Dressed in wood pulp, i.e. eco trends in the work and protective clothing industry (7)
    Almost half of the surveyed Millennials will consider sustainable development and ethics before buying, according to a study by Deloitte in the US. In turn, according to the "ECO awareness of Poles" report initiated by VIVE Textile Recycling, over 55 percent of respondents believe that our ecological awareness is changing for the better. Can we observe a similar trend in the workwear and protective clothing industry?
  • Less severe accidents at work (10)
    In the first quarter of 2019, there were almost 16,000 accidents, 100 less a year ago. The overall accident rate dropped slightly. On the other hand, the number of persons injured in serious accidents and in accidents with other consequences decreased.
  • Responsible business and OHS services (13)
    17th edition of the Responsible Business Forum report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices ”from 2018 shows that both in terms of the number of reported CSR practices and the number of companies conducting such activities, there was an increase of 30%. In the previous year alone, 129 companies implemented work practices, and more than 50 conducted practices concerned workplace safety.
  • Fire Protection in industrial and warehouse facilities (15)
    The priority of every company with technological production lines and storage rooms should be to protect the health and life of employees and the possibility of their immediate and safe evacuation. There is always a risk of fire. Therefore, proper warehouse security and the use of fire protection measures play a key role in minimizing the effects of fires.
  • Safer in warehouses (19)
    The Central Statistical Office has just presented preliminary data on occupational safety in the first half of 2019.A positive trend continues throughout the economy - the number of victims fell by 7.3%, the number of fatal accidents also decreased and another accident rate dropped.
  • STILL Innovation Day (22)
    The forklift market adapts well to the growing economy, uses modern technologies to provide clients with newer and newer solutions improving the operation of equipment. The leading suppliers of forklifts use all these solutions in their equipment, which is more and more innovative, ergonomic and effective. Lithium-ion technology is playing an increasingly important role in powering forklifts and is promoted by all forklift suppliers.
  • Double Jubilee in Wroclaw (24)
    The 10th Jungheinrich Polska Open Days in Wrocław have shown why the company has been a leader among suppliers of equipment and services for high-performance intralogistics for 25 years. They presented what Jungheinrich has been known on the Polish market for a quarter century - the latest technologies and specialized knowledge. Guests from all over Poland could see many machines, including the latest model of the ERC 216zi lift truck, and the event was supplemented with thematic lectures by experts. The event was attended by over 260 entrepreneurs from all over Poland, who also had a special offer: "25 used trucks for the 25th anniversary of Jungheinrich".
  • PRSES Day (26)
    Awareness of work safety in warehouses increases every year, thus improving the state of safety in warehouses. However, it is never too good, it can always be better. The late IKEA founder at the opening of the first IKEA logistics center in Poland said: "Whatever you do, keep in mind that you can always improve something and do it better." These words perfectly match the philosophy of safety at work, when you can always improve something in this area and once we reach a level, there are other areas necessary for change."
  • Electric trolley SBV16N series (30)
  • STILL RX 60 sets new standards (32)
    The new generation RX 60 trolley raises the bar in terms of performance in the load class from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. Dynamic, responsive, comfortable and versatile, it is perfectly prepared for performing demanding transport tasks.
  • Equipment and work safety in the warehouse (35)
    In accordance with the machine standards: EN ISO 12100-1, and EN 726-1, forklift equipment from the moment of design up to its delivery and assembly on the user's forklift must meet the most stringent safety requirements.
  • Why invest in green storage (38)
    Ecological construction on the industrial property market is one of the most interesting trends of recent years. With the increase in environmental awareness and the desire to reduce the costs of using industrial facilities - such as rising energy costs - tenants are increasingly reporting requirements for energy efficiency and general ergonomics of the facilities used. Are green warehouses the future of the market?
  • Organic Certificate (41)
    Modern, ecological warehouses are energy-efficient buildings that use little water and emit little pollution. They are made of environmentally friendly materials, often from recyclable materials. Today it is not only a trend that there is no turning back from. It is a guarantee of quality in eco solutions. In Poland, BREEAM is the most commonly used certification system for ecological "green" buildings.
  • Warehouse inspection and servicing (45)
    Servicing of warehouse shelves is the activity of mainly checking the structure regularly to maintain an appropriate level of security and quickly detecting any damage. It is absolutely necessary to record any structural damage and any hazards noted. The deformations found should be monitored and those exceeding the acceptable tolerance must be repaired so that the safety of the storage system is at an appropriate level.
  • Used shelves - what's the matter? (48)
    The issue of used shelving is nothing new. This topic has already been raised, but in recent years, the market for this type of product has become even larger. And there would be nothing remarkable if it wasn't for a certain aspect, illustrating the main difference between used and new goods. Are rack purchases different from other purchases? How would the purchase of a used, gold investment bar differ from the new one or the purchase of a 7-year S class from the new Focus?

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