• Red line of interaction (2)
  • V Health and Safety Championships (4)
  • Debate on occupational safety of foreigners (6)
    During the Occupational Safety and Health Fair in Katowice there was a debate organized by the Safe at Work Coalition. Experts bent over the topic of the influx of foreigners and challenges in the context of occupational safety in Poland. labor law regulations do not fully meet the problems that employers must face - this is one of the main conclusions of the debate.
  • Smart Warehouse, or intelligently at Modernlog (9)
    Optimization of the work of the magazine is measurable benefits for companies. During the Smart Warehouse conference, participants learned not only if, but also how to invest in a solution that would increase efficiency. They also learned specific implementation stories. The new point on the map of the Modernlog exhibition events turned out to be a very valuable place for people looking for new products and trends in line with the logistics 4.0 idea.
  • Awareness of work safety (13)
    Almost 50 thousand - that is the number of new jobs created in transport and storage in 2018, according to the Central Statistical Office. This is an increase of less than 20,000 in the last 4 years. There is a unique opportunity for the development of the industry, and at the same time a challenge in the field of health and safety.
  • Road infrastructure drives the warehouse market (16)
    The boom on the industrial and logistics market continues. In 2017-2018, total warehouse space in Poland increased by over 40%, and data from Q1 This year show that dynamic development is continuing. The significant size of the new supply, the high level of tenants' interest and the record number of areas under construction prove that in the short- and medium-term the volume of the warehouse space in Poland will continue to grow rapidly.
  • The purchase of work clothes is an investment in security (18)
    The clothing sector in Poland in 2022 is expected to reach over PLN 43 billion - according to the KPMG report "Fashion market in Poland". In European rankings of the size of the clothing market, Poland occupies the 8th position. Domestic producers of workwear are counting profits and are celebrating the increase in demand.
  • Free knowledge base about warehouse properties (21)
    The Savills consulting company has expanded its portal devoted to warehouse and industrial properties to a search engine for available space, and updated the map with descriptions of key logistics regions in Poland.
  • Warehouses of the future PROLOGIS (22)
    In the field of logistic real estate a new certification standard - WELL Certified Gold is available. Our DC5 building at Prologis Park Tilbury in the Netherlands has become the world's first fully equipped warehouse.
  • Comfort and safety of picking (24)
  • VinLiner, a way to transport alcohol and beverages (28)
    The JF Hillebrand group, a global logistics operator specializing in serving the alcohol and beverage market, organizing transports of temperature-sensitive beverages, uses its own technologies, which are also used on the Polish market. This is VinLiner - a thermo-static film that allows you to maintain a constant product temperature during trans-port. It is mainly used for wine shipments, both in small-scale and full-container deliveries. VinLiner can be used in all transport branches - sea, air, road and rail.
  • Camso extends the non-staining antistatic tire line (30)
    Camso introduces the Solideal RES Xtreme NMAS tire, a new non-marking superelastic forklift tire that solves important work safety issues related to electrostatic charges produced by non-staining tires.
  • Resurs - is it or not? (32)
    Provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 20 October 2018 regarding technical conditions for technical supervision in the field of operation, repairs and modernization of handling equipment concern the operation phase of all transport equipment indicated in § 1 of the regulation and are addressed to their operators. In connection with this, the issues regarding the necessity to record the UTB operation history, the determination of the life cycle and the degree of its utilization formulated in § 7 of the Regulation constitute the obligations of the UTB operator.
  • Minsubishi SENSiA EM - reach trucks with a capacity of 1.4 - 2.5 tons (36)
  • SENSIA series trucks (40)
    Unicarriers TX series (42)
  • The influence of forklift management systems on work safety (44)
    Although the primary task of fleet management systems is to optimize the operation of forklift trucks and to facilitate the ordering of administrative issues, their application also has a beneficial effect on the security of internal transport.
  • The technical efficiency of the device guarantees safe work (47)
    As a company that deals with the service of transport devices, we observe a trend of increasing awareness of work safety issues year by year. In the field of hardware service, two sides of equipment efficiency can be separated, one is work safety and the other is work continuity. Although both concern the same equipment, the differences in approach are significant.
  • The influence of review intervals on warehouse security (49)
    Efficient and reliable fleet inside the warehouse is one of the key factors guaranteeing a high level of security in the warehouse. Over the years, we have been observing progressive changes in the handling of handling devices.
  • Reviews of shelves in stock (51)
    In a thriving warehouse, during one shift, dozens of tons of goods pass through the average workstation, and hundreds of various movements and operations are carried out within an hour. Proper use and operation of shelves are the basic factors for maintaining continuity of work, ensuring the safety of employees and, what is equally important, to avoid unnecessary costs related to downtimes as a result of a possible accident or breakdown.
  • Safe working at heights (54)
    Work safety is a topic widely discussed, which applies especially to products designed for work at heights such as ladders, stationary and mobile scaffolding, and mobile platforms.
  • What is the price of an accident in a warehouse (59)
    In each country, the relevant offices or institutions provide statistics on accidents. The data includes the number of injured people (including those killed), but also averaged data on accident costs. How reliable is this data?
  • Protective solutions in the warehouse (65)
    There is no doubt that man has the largest role in maintaining safety in the warehouse. Without a sense of responsibility, the preservation of procedures, proper supervision and control, and care for the appropriate level of knowledge of employees, it is difficult to expect that it would be a completely safe workplace. Nevertheless, many accidents and damage to shelves can be avoided by mounting additional equipment, which, for example, protects the shelves from the impact of forklift trucks.
  • Elements of equipment that improve safety (68)
    Proper and well-thought-out organization of the work of the warehouse should ensure maximum safety of people working in it. It starts already at the design stage of the warehouse, and ends with the daily control of storage infrastructure and elements for its protection.
  • Static shelving security (70)
    Each user of the magazine aims to intensify logistics processes in his facility. Increased traffic, work speed, seasonality, or high staff turnover can contribute to damage in the storage space. For most of the projects implemented, Customers, in addition to storage systems, make the decision to purchase additional security for rack installations.

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