• News from the country (2)
  • Jubilee Fair of Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Fire Protection (3)
  • 30 years of OSPS OHS (4)
    On March 8-9, 2023, the 20th edition of the Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Fire Protection Fair will take place at the International Congress Center in Katowice.
  • Accidents at work in 2022 (6)
  • The use of personal protective equipment - what is worth knowing at the beginning of your professional career? (9)
    Safety rules should be the subject of education at the primary school stage, and then post-primary education, preparing for the beginning of a professional career. Of course, educational content and teaching tools should be appropriate to the level of knowledge at a given age. The content delivery model is also important. Given the variety of today's media and communicators, information will be easier to reach recipients when it has an attractive form, varied with images, films, etc. non-professional for students of secondary schools.
  • CIOP-PIB supports KGHM in its efforts to improve the thermal comfort of employees (13)
    It is not the first time that the results of scientific work of the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) will be used to improve safety and working conditions in enterprises. This time, protective clothing with an active cooling function developed at CIOP-PIB will be tested by employees of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
  • Poland ranks low in the European Innovation Ranking 2022 (14)
    At the end of September 2022, the European Commission published the latest European Innovation Ranking, in which Poland was ranked only 24th - fourth from the bottom.
  • Effects of mobbing on employees (15)
    The results of many studies show that bullying in the workplace is associated with experiencing severe, long-term stress, leading to serious mental and physical health disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders and depression. The consequence of this is often the loss of ability to work by people experiencing mobbing. It can be assumed that the inability to continue work by victims of mobbing also results from a significant deterioration of their cognitive functioning. The article discusses the effects of mobbing for employees. The focus was on the implications for both mental health and cognitive functioning.
  • The diversity of the soundscape of the Silesian Park (20)
    The Silesian Park with an area of 535 hectares is located in the center of the largest Polish agglomeration and is a place of rest for the inhabitants of nearby cities. The soundscapes in different parts of the park were analyzed: in the Amusement Park, the zoo, the open-air museum, the rose garden, the Champs de Mars and in the vicinity of the planetarium, as a result of the research, loud and quiet zones were distinguished in the park. The importance of appropriate design of city parks in terms of noise in their surroundings was pointed out. Due to the areas of different use and the location of the park, its individual parts differ in soundscape. The article presents the characteristics of the sound landscape of individual areas of the Silesian Park.
  • Improvement of ergonomics in the laundry facilities and sterilization centers of Servizi Italia Spa (Italy) (25)
  • Rosti: modern health and safety and promotion of sustainable development (26)
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Sejm of the Republic of Poland deliberated
    • On preventing occupational diseases and accidents in agriculture (29)
      The strategy for preventing accidents and occupational diseases in agriculture was the subject of the first meeting of the Labor Protection Council (ROP) in the new year, which took place on January 10, 2023.
  • Changes in regulations (30)
    • Specializations in the profession of a social worker - amendment of the regulation
    • Medical examinations of persons applying for driving licenses and drivers - a new regulation
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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