Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2021/03

  • Art competition for children and youth entitled "A real real hero wears a mask" (cover page 2)
  • Local reports (2)
  • 6 medical innovations in 2020 that could change the future (3)
    • Drones transporting medical products between healthcare facilities
    • First-ever Alzheimer's disease test
    • Remote control of pacemakers
    • Implantology eliminates the risk
    • An innovative method of treating injuries of the cruciate ligaments
  • Multimedia support the fight against the coronavirus epidemic (6)
    It has been a year of our life in the shadow of the COVID-19 epidemic, and although mass vaccination has begun, the virus is still not going away and the epidemic could be called COVID-19-20. Therefore, efforts to combat it are continuing to ensure that it does not turn into COVID-21. The media, both traditional and electronic, are extremely helpful in this.
  • The economy of online platforms and OSH (10)
    The article discusses part of this economy, including platforms that mediate in the paid provision of services. The properties of the economy of internet platforms have been distinguished, which have an impact on the health and safety of service providers. It was found that the way work is organized in the economy of internet platforms has a negative impact on the level of occupational health and safety, creating new threats or increasing the risk associated with the existing ones. It is postulated to continue and deepen research on health and safety in the economy of online platforms in order to identify sources of threats and develop preventive measures in the form of legal and organizational solutions.
  • Suicides Polish sailors as one of the causes of death at sea vessels - case and deeds knob in AD (2) (15)
    The second part of the article focuses on the analysis committed suicide, including samounicestwień connected with the sea of people who have taken their lives on land. In addition, the author draws attention to sham suicides (most often killings) and desperate jumps of sailors overboard that are not suicides, although they may resemble them, prima facie suicides. The text ends with a summary in which the author formulates conclusions. One of them is the postulate to include seafarers in suicidological examinations to which policemen were subjected and to recognize sea people as a professional group at a risk of suicide to a degree not less than that of law enforcement officers.
  • Effect of nodes mechanical equipment used in the plant protecting against falling (20)
    The article presents bad and present lines of various textile structures in the clamping capability nodes. The parameter K determined in this study relates to the safe incorporation node lines textile, ie. Prevent es present self-loosening. The paper presents dynamic research on the behavior of textile ropes terminated with loops with three types of knots. The obtained results showed that the loop ends with a knot absorb significantly more kinetic energy than a straight section of a textile rope when restraining falling from a height. The research on the influence of knots on the breaking strength of textile ropes is also presented. The results indicate that the knotless loop can have a breaking force, e.g. 50% less than the straight length of rope on which it is formed.
  • 97 session of the Interministerial Committee for the Maximum Allowable Concentrations and Intensity of Factors Harmful to Health in the Work Environment (24)
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Parliament of the Republic of Poland debated
    • About salaries at the Labor Protection Council (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • The highest permissible concentrations and intensities of factors harmful to health in the work environment
    • Chemical substances, their mixtures, factors or technological processes with a carcinogenic or mutagenic effect in the work environment
    • Institutions authorized to issue opinions on meeting the technical and organizational conditions for the production and sale of explosives, weapons, ammunition, and products and technology for military or police purposes - new regulation
    • Qualifications of persons carrying out immunization against COVID-19
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • Is the so-called periods of employment - insurance can be recognized by the court?
    • What are the rules for the indexation of pensions in 2021?
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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