Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2020/06

  • Nationwide social campaign "Active at work" (2nd cover page)
  • Local reports (2)
  • Epidemic and global mental health (3)
    According to a United Nations report published on May 13, 2020, a pandemic causes serious psychological problems among societies around the world. Surveys show that in some countries, as much as 2/3 of the population feels the effects of stress caused by the existing situation, which affects both their social and professional life.
  • An epidemic from the employee's perspective. Selected psychological problems and ways of dealing with them (4)
    The current situation has literally turned the world we know "upside down". Some therapists believe that we have undergone a sort of collective trauma. Closed in the house, deprived of contact with family or friends - we all struggled to some extent with the fear of infection. For some, it was even anxiety that took on the size of a condition called 'panic disorder'.
  • Coloring as a form of stress management (8)
    Currently, one of the most important causes of occupational stress is the development of technology and the transformation of the labor market, imposing an obligation of tele-presence on the employee. Constant immersion in technology disrupts the relationship with oneself, making it difficult to use self-therapeutic methods that could counteract the harmful effects of stress. Coloring is one of the methods of anti-stress intervention. In the self-therapeutic process, it has an impact not only on more efficient stress management, but also on the reduction of anxiety and the increase of mindfulness, concentration and creativity in the examined people.
  • Less accidents at work. Does robotization increase our safety? (11)
    According to data from the Central Statistical Office, in 2019 in Poland, 83,205 persons injured in accidents at work were reported in Poland, with an accident rate of 6.15. It's less than last year. According to experts, the improvement in these statistics is influenced, among others, by changes in the employment structure and progressive robotization, especially in heavy industry.
  • Supporting the diet of the immune system in the fight against infection (12)
    Concerns about coronavirus have resulted in a lot of non-medical advice on social media on how to strengthen the immune system so as not to get sick. Although we currently do not have confirmed scientific evidence showing that a single natural food or dietary supplement significantly stimulates the human immune system or prevents SARS-CoV-2 infection, there are many effective behaviors, nutrition and training strategies that can reduce exposure to pathogens and reduce immunosuppression, and thus most likely reduce the risk of disease. The article contains information on the most important factors whose impact on the functioning of the immune system in scientific literature is best documented.
  • Shaping the acoustic climate in the premises of medical institutions - recommendations (17)
    The article characterizes the results of noise measurements carried out in selected rooms of medical facilities. The results of the assessment of working conditions in these facilities due to noise were also discussed. This assessment was based on the results of surveys conducted among over 300 doctors, nurses and employees of diagnostic laboratories. The results of noise measurements and surveys constituted the basis for presenting the basic methods of shaping the acoustic climate in operating rooms, treatment rooms, medical diagnostic laboratories, intensive care units as well as in nurses' rooms and hospital corridors.
  • Assessment of the quality of two-handed coordination tasks due to gender and age (22)
    The article presents the results of the quality analysis of performing two-hand coordination tasks. The research was carried out on four groups differentiated by gender and age (20-30 years and 60-67 years). The subjects performed two-hand coordination tasks developed at CIOP-PIB and tests included in the Vienna Test System. The results show significant differences in the values of control quality indicators between a group of younger people and a group of older people. Stronger differentiation was observed in the two-hand coordination tasks. Larger differences also occur due to age than due to gender.
  • Comparison of solutions of systems warning people using hearing protectors against approaching vehicles (26)
    The article presents work on solutions that are the basis for developing a system of warning employees using hearing protectors against collision with a vehicle. This work involved selecting and testing solutions that could potentially be used in this system. The first solution analyzed was a system enabling reading the value of the indicator indicating the strength of the received radio signal, built using a class 2 Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, the distance over which the RSSI value changes in a way that can be used in the system is limited to several meters. Another analyzed solution was the system functioning on the principle of detecting the presence of the transmitter in the zone around the employee. The third solution analyzed was a system in which the transmitter was built on the basis of a class 1 Bluetooth device providing greater radio signal strength. Research has shown the possibility of correctly assessing the vehicle-employee distance in the required distance range. It was therefore decided that this solution would be further developed.
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Documents confirming possession of qualifications or qualifications - extension of validity
    • Restrictions, orders and bans in relation to the outbreak - new regulations
    • Training for fire protection experts - changes in the regulation
    • Training for fire protection inspectors - changes in the regulation
  • Answering our readers' (31)
    • The state of the epidemic and the submission of an application for retirement, disability or other benefits granted by the Social Insurance Institution
    • How to appeal against a Social Insurance Institution decision during an epidemic?
  • Reports from abroad (32)

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