Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2018/04

  • "Employee's Health" Forum (II pp.)
  • Local reports (2)
    • INNOship launched
    • About PLN 330 million for scientists
    • PLN 19 million in funding for the Vilnius branch of the Białystok university
  • On a safe track. Trakcja PRKiL - a member of the Safe Work Leader's Forum (3)
    Trakcja PRKiL S.A. is one of the largest companies operating in the infrastructure construction and energy sector in Poland. The company, which has been operating for over 70 years, is also one of the newest members of the Forum for Safe Work Leaders, operating at the Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute. She was admitted to this organization for a reason, as she copes well with a variety of hazards in the workplace, including thanks to the fact that he does "more" than the necessary minimum in this area.
  • To be useful to the nation. The 24th Invention Fair and the Inventress 2017 (6)
    March 22 this year the XXIV Warsaw Stock Exchange, awarded in the world in 2016-2017, and the summary of the "Inventorior 2017" Competition poll took place. This year, for the first time, the Inventions Exchange was organized in the Warsaw House of Technology of the Supreme Technical Organization.
  • Harmful biological agents in the working environment of dairy plant workers (8)
    Among the occupational hazards of employees of dairy industry plants, mention should be made of the biological agents transported as bioaerosols emitted during the production process, contact with raw animal, raw milk, or with animals themselves, in the case of small home milk processing plants. Employees of dairy industry plants during their professional activities are exposed to direct biological agents, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, which can cause various diseases and health ailments. Therefore, the main elements of prevention of occupational hazards in this group of employees should be a reliable risk assessment and the use of appropriate preventive measures.
  • Evalluation of protective properties of safety anti-penetration inserts in footwear disigned for professional use (12)
    According to the currently valid PN-EN 12568: 2011 and PN-EN ISO 20344: 2012, the resistance of puncture protection insoles and footwear soles with mounted protection inserts prized with puncture is tested at pierce speed (10 ± 3) mm / min, using a stem ( "needles" / "nails") with a diameter (4.50 ± 0.05) mm with the end beveled at an angle of 30° to 1 mm. This is a relatively low speed compared to the one with which the lowering of the bottom can occur, e.g. when walking vigorously. The diameter of the test pin also exceeds a large proportion of the nails used in industry. Contact with sharp objects that may potentially be on the ground in the workplace is usually more dynamic. It is important that the footwear, and thus the insoles used in it, ensure the safety of the employee. The aim of the research undertaken at the Footwear Institute Laboratory of the Leather Industry Institute was to determine the impact of the piercing speed and the dimensions of the test pin on the protective capabilities of the puncture protection insoles and to assess the quality of these elements.
  • Work engagement as a factor reducing the risk of occupational stress - based on original research (16)
    Professional stress is the result of perceiving an imbalance between the requirements of the work environment and the employee's ability to cope with these requirements. According to the process of stress model, resources available to employees can moderate the relationship between work and stress. Commitment to work, i.e. a long-lasting and positive affective and cognitive state, can be such a resource. The results of the study confirmed this model. In the group of employees who were less engaged in work, the level of perceived work stress was higher than in the group of employees involved, and the level of this attitude significantly moderated the relationship between work and stress. Practical conclusions about organizational factors influencing commitment to work were presented.
  • Intelligent transport systems vs. drivers' safety (21)
    Currently, transport systems do not meet not only the expectations but also the needs of their users. Therefore, innovative methods of traffic management and improving its safety are sought. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are gaining more and more interest among them. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to attempt to present the definition of intelligent transport systems and their impact on the safety of drivers, including professional drivers.
  • Action coordinantion. An assembly of the Coordination Group for the Multi-Annual Programme (24)
    • Impact of the effects of a multiannual program on the level of security in Poland
    • Appointments to the Coordination Team
    • Sample projects
    • Scientific development of CIOP-PIB employees
  • Persons with Disabilities Day 2018 - "Reach for success". May 11, 2018 (25)
  • Let us care for thjke health and safety of young employees not just on the 28th of April International Commemoration Day (ICD) for Dead and Injured Workers/World Day for Safety and Health at Work (26)
    April 28 is the day in the world where we reflect in a special way on the safety of employees. We remember those who succumbed to fatal accidents at work, we think about those who suffer from occupational diseases. It is a time of deeper than usual reflection on whether we do everything to prevent tragic incidents at work.
  • Dangerous substances under control - an all-European informative campaign for 2018-2019 (27)
  • Labour Protection Council in session
    • Interoperability for security (28)
  • Latte notes (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Professional qualifications and composition of crews of inland waterway vessels - amendment of the Regulation
    • Safety and health at work in metal foundries - a new regulation
    • Interest rates for social security contributions for accidents at work and occupational diseases - amendment of the Regulation
    • Exams for experts on the safety of dangerous goods transport by inland waterway vessels - amendment of the Regulation
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
    • How does the Social Insurance Institution determine the basis for calculating initial capital for the pensioner?
  • Reports from abroad (32)