Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2018/03

  • Local reports (2)
  • The 24th plebiscite for the "Golden Engineer" title. Occupation engineer - an art of commanding nature to do human's bidding (3)
  • Bleak relity of Polish construction sites (4)
    For many years, it was infamous, the first place in the statistics of fatal accidents in Poland was occupied by mining. However, this situation belongs to the past. Today, the construction industry is the independent leader, which in addition distances the mining world in terms of the number of events up to six times.
  • Opportunities and hazards anticipation in a resilient OSH management system (8)
    A resilient occupational safety and health (OSH) management system focuses on both failures and successes at each stage of management, i.e., learning, monitoring, anticipating and responding. The article aims to present the concept of resilience engineering with special focus on anticipating risks and challenges in an OSH management system.
  • Active noise control system in a fire helmet - a proposal of the solution (11)
    An auditory warning signal emitted by a moving emergency vehicle is intended to inform other road users about an approaching emergency vehicle and the need to give way to it. Emission of a warning signal with the highest possible sound pressure level is the main method of ensuring the audibility and recognition of the warning signal by traffic participants at unknown and varying traffic noise, acoustic insulation of vehicles and noise in the interior of the vehicle. The A-weighted sound pressure level of tha auditory warning signal reaching the interion of an emergency vehicle may exceed 90 dB, which can be harmful to the hearing, can adversely affect psychophysical fitness of the crew members and can significantly hinder verbal communication in the vehicle. This article presents the concept and results of numerical simulations of an active noise control system in fire helmets, which will reduce the esposure of the crew to the warning signal and improve the quality of verbal communication in an emergency vehicle. This system is integrated with the signal generation system. The Notch algorithm and the NLMS adaptation algorithm were used in the system's control algorithm. The construction of the controller was based on a microcontroller from the STM32F4 family.
  • Recognition of qualifications acquired within EU member states to practice OSH - related regulated professions in Poland (16)
    This article presents information on the process of recognizing professional qualifications acquired within EU member states and on becoming employed in Poland in OSH-related occupations. Following the act of the Minister of Family, Work and Social Policy of January 16, 2016, on authorization to recognize qualifications, the Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) is a body governing the procedure for recognizing qualifications for OSH-related regulated professions (OSH specialist and OSH technician) acquired within the EU to be used in Poland. All applicants can use CIOP-PIB's services.
  • Self-assessment of health and caring for health among men active on the labour market - preliminary research results (20)
    Self-assessment of health is an important factor determining caring for health, expressed by health behaviours. Lifestyle and health behaviours play a key role in shaping health as well as the risk of many diseases and mortality. This article presents preliminary results of research on self-assessment of health and caring for health among men active on the labour market. A total of 130 men were surveyed with a questionnaire developed for this project. Men rated high their health and caring for health, and defined these concepts correctly. They had substantial knowledge on health and caring for health. However, this was theoretical knowledge only. It is necessary to examine their health behaviours.
  • Library information browse with the use of a single search window - in example of the CIOP-PIB's library (24)
    Thematic searches in domestic and international sources of information constitute an important element of research and teaching works. They are carried out both at the stage of preparation to formulate the research problem as well as during the work. Access to current, scientific sources of information is today a prerequisite for effective activities in the field of science and education.
  • Reminiscence - PhD Eng. Andrzej E. Paszkiewicz (27)
  • Labour Protection Council in session
    • Poland's State Mining Authority and Technical Inspection Authority actions towards efficacious control and prevention (28)
      The subject of the Labor Protection Council meeting in February this year there were control and preventive activities undertaken by the State Mining Authority and the Office of Technical Inspection. Their activities are related to, among others with human rights - to protect life and health and to safe working conditions.
  • Notes latte (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Occupational health and safety in the use of powered forklifts - new regulations
    • Maritime pilotage - a new regulation
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
    • Who is required to issue a statement of earnings, needed to calculate the pension?
    • Will the right to the compensatory teacher's benefit be vested in a teacher who, after terminating the employment relationship as a teacher, submits an unemployment benefit if he or she waits for the next age to complete the required age?
    • Is the beneficiary receiving the pre-retirement allowance obliged to notify the pension body paying the benefit that he has concluded a contract for the work in which he will perform Christmas decorations?
    • When do you need a pension from ZUS and KRUS? Is it possible to collect both benefits?
    • If the insurance period is insufficient to allow ZUS to pay the lowest pension, you can count the working time on the farm?
  • Reports from abroad (32)