Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2018/01

  • Education Centre agenda for 2018 (II pp.)
  • Local reports (2)
    • We know the results of LIDER
    • About Photon in the Copernicus Science Center
    • Another billion in the BRIdge Alfa competition
    • Discussion about safe industry. Safety Automation Conference (3)
  • Discussion on safe industry. Safety Automation conference (3)
    Almost 120 people - engineers, security specialists in industry, professionals for work safety, scientists - gathered the Safety Automation conference, organized in the Binkowski Hotel in Kielce. The event's substantive partner was the Industrial Safety Association Klub Paragraf 34, and the technological one - Siemens.
  • The National Competition for the Improvement of the Working Condition - the 45th edition results (4)
    The goal of the Nationwide Work Conditions Improvement Competition is to highlight these technical and organizational solutions as well as scientific studies whose application contributes to the improvement of working conditions. This year, 57 applications were considered in the competition.
  • 87th meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for Maximum Admissible Concentrations and Intensities for Agents Harmful to Health in the Working Environment (6)
  • Harmful biological agents: occupational risk assessment (8)
    Criteria for risk assessment are listed in the ordinance of the Minister of Health on harmful biological agents in the workplace and the protection of workers exposed to those agents. Accordingly, risk assessment should be based on all available information including classification of biological agents, risk groups 2-4; information on diseases which may be contracted as a result of work; information on diseases from which workers are found to be suffering and which have a direct connection with their work; recommendations from competent sanitary authorities; National Labour Inspectorate; and occupational medicine services.
  • New requirements of standards for assessing parameters of ladders intended for use in various conditions (13)
    This article presents new safety requirements for ladders in standard PN-EN 131-2+A2:2017-02. They cover two categories of ladders - professional and non-professional ones - and additional cyclic fatigue tests. New ladder tests are carried out under conditions similar to those at workstations where they are used. This araticle discusses the compatibility of those changes with a division of those devices into categories resulting from differences in the extent and intensity of their use. It also discusses in detail new requirements for tests, and the diversity of ladders on the market. Salespersons are important as they should provide comprehensive information to companies or individuals about European standards and technical specifications of ladders.
  • Hazards resulting from the use of nanomaterials in lubricants and ways of monitoring them (18)
    The development of nanotechnology, observed for years now, is very good for technological reasons, but it is associated with the still not fully-known health risk. Tribology is a field in which nanotechnologies can bring particularly great economic benefits. This article discusses the most common nanomaterials used in lubricants and their possible adverse health effects. It presents proposed reference values for permissible concentrations in the air, useful in monitoring the working environment.
  • Willingness to work beyond retirement age: conditions (22)
    Age-related demographic changes in the EU, including Poland, require making best use of the potential of older people in the labor market and extending their occupational activity. This article presents selected factors which determine willingness to work beyond retirement age. It discusses demographic, social and psychological determinants at the level of the individual, i.e. values and attitudes towards work. By presenting organizational determinants of willingness to work beyond retirement age, the article focuses on the psychosocial qualities of the working environment, i.e. job development opportunities, job demands, job decision latitude, social support and job insecurity.
  • Who's really sick, and who's just pretending - effective management of sick leave quota in a company (26)
  • Notes latte (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Competitions for co-financing activities aimed at maintaining the ability to work throughout the period of professional activity carried out by contribution payers - new regulations
    • Inspallation, maintenance or servicing, repair or disposal of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases - minimal technical equipment, procedures and a system for documenting activities in the conduct of business - a new regulation
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
  • Reports from abroad (32)