Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2017/10

  • Conference on safe and condious work at heights (II p.)
  • Local reports (2)
    • New generation of buses in Polish cities
    • Local governments to start!
    • NCBR supports Polish universities
  • Safety on sight. Good practices in Asco Numatics Łódź (3)
    Asco Numatics Łódź is one of the newest members of the Forum for Safe Work Leaders - an organization associating over 100 companies that can boast exceptionally low accident statistics and high standards of occupational safety.
  • Safety in the open. The 1st All-Poland OSH Forum (6)
    • Robots are just coming, cancer is here
    • Panel discussions
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Sejm debated
    • Amendments to legal provisions regarding personal protective equipment
    • The need for laboratory tests
    • Activities of market surveillance authorities
    • Conslusions resulting from thea controls carried out
    • New regulation - higher requirements in the area of personal protective equipment (8)
  • Ergonomics requirements for personal vehicles for persons with disabilities (10)
    Independent mobility is significant for everybody's qualaity of life; it is especially important for people with disabilities. This article presents ergonomics guidelines for adapting individual cars to meet the needs of drivers with disabilities and their passengers. The solutions have been described for individual cars and for universal cars for transporting any user of a wheelchair. This article ends with a confrontation of the guidelines with the principles of e rgonomics.
  • Ergonomic-technical guidelines that consider the needs of disabled persons for public transport vehicles (15)
    Modern means of public transport should consider the needs of all users. This article presents ergonomics guidelines and legal requirements for the accessibility of public transport for people with special needs. It defines the main problem areas, and then compares them with the principles of universal design. Numerous sources helpful in identifying the needs of people with disabilities are presented. An open catalog of sample ergonomic solutions ends this article.
  • Supported employment as a way of helping persons with disabilities become active in the labour market (20)
    This article discusses making persons with disabilities active in the labour market, from which they are excluded. Employment opportunities for such persons are still limited while theis occupational activity can undoubtedly bring both economic and social benefits to both them and the society. Supported employment is one way to help persons with disabilities in finding a job. The article also discusses the concept of employment adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities, career planning strategies and the role of a job coach.
  • Double-layered active structure for reducing noise transmission through sound insulating barriers (24)
    Sound insulating enclosures are a basic technical measure commonly used to reduce noise. Insulation of paasive sound insulating barriers, however, decreases with a decrease in frequency. Insulation in the low frequency range can be increased by using active noise control methods. This article presents the structure and principle of operation of a double-layered active structure to limit the transmission of noise through barriers. An algorithm, which extrapolates the error microphone signal based on signals from the vibration transducers, is used for structure control. This article presents structure performance in laboratory conditions.
  • Notes latte (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
    • How long will you have to wait for your pension decision when all eligible Social Insurance Institution customers submit applications for your pension in September and October 2017?
    • Is the initial capital calculation necessary to apply for and apply for an old-age pension?
  • Reports form abroad (32)