Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka 2017/11

  • Immersive reality. VR Tech Summit conference (II p.)
  • Local reports (2)
    • Another funding for video games
    • NAWA already active
    • More than PLN 28 million financing in the BETHOVEN 2 competition
  • Come on KOMON! Conference on handicapped persons mobility (3)
    The aim of the conference "Mobility of the disabled as an element of social and professional activity" was, firstly, to summarize and assess the current situation of people with disabilities in Poland who want to be socially and professionally active through the ability to drive a car vehicle. The second goal was to present concrete proposals and organizational solutions that will contribute to a radical and positive change in this regard.

  • 20 times art. XX Conference of Safe Work Leaders Forum (4)
    The jubilee 20th Conference of Safe Work Leaders, held in Rzeszów and Mielec (organiized jointly by PZL Mielec and CIOP-PIB), was an excellent opportunity to summarize all previous editions, but also to future announcements, as new challenges in the field of broadly understood safety management, occupational hygiene and its ergonomics, there are still plenty of even leaders in this field.
  • Healthy to the finish line. Conference on the complex approach to health management (7)

    Demographic changes in the labor market, as well as the evolution of legal provisions concerning, among others, at the retirement age, making employment of employees aged 50 and more becomes an increasingly desirable issue. These employees, however, require a responsible and comprehensive approach to health management - according to some even more than safety - at work. The answer how to do it effectively was found at the Healthy Business Forum, the first edition of which took place in Poznan, and the second - in November in Katowice.
  • Selection of protective gloves for hazards related to precast concrete (8)
    This article presents the most common hazards present when precast concrete is manufactured and used. An analysis of the occupational activities at different workstations has shown that the greatest risk is associated with exposure to mechanical, thermal and chemical factors. On the basis of a classification of existing hazards, this article presents recommendations for how protective gloves should be selected.
  • OSH Management Systems adjustment towards requirements of the ISO/DIS 45001.2 standards (13)
    This is the final push for the new Occupational Safety&Health standard ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements with guidance for use which has been under preparation since 2013. It is widely expected for the new standard to be published in 2018 at the latest. The adjustment of the OSH Management Systems to the requirements of the new standard will take a thorough analysis of the already implemented processes and management practices. The article presents a general structure of the OSH Management Systems in accordance to the new standard and underlines requirements specific to chosen OSH management processes - either broadened or refined in relation to requirements formed in the presently existing standards.
  • Preservative substances used in the cosmetic industry (16)
    One of the problems of the modern cosmetic industry consists in the need to ensure the required microbiological purity of cosmetics, and consequently the need to include preservatives in cosmetic formulas. This araticle discusses the most commonly used preservatives and mechanisms of their action, as well as the legal provisions on preservatives in cosmetics. It also reports on the adverse effects of preservatives, which may pose a hazard not only to workers involved in manufacturing cosmetics, but also to their users, which means practically the whole population.
  • The system of active control of noise filtering through glass partitions using round robin algorithm (21)
    One of the functions of glass partitions, commonly used in construction, is the reduction of noise. These partitions are characterized by low sound insulation for low frequencies. This article presents the concept of a multi-channel active noise control system that enables the reduction of low-frequency noise transmitted through the glass partition. The system is based on a neural network with the modified version of the backpropagation algorithm using a round robin alhorithm. The structure and principles of the system are discussed and the results of its simulations are presented.
  • OSH system management effectiveness on the higher level (26)
    Improvement of the effectiveness of occupational health and safety management systems in the context of the international ISO 54001 standard was the subject of tha Labor Protection Council sessions which took place in the Sejm on October 24, 2017. This standard is currently being developed, and as reported by Dr. Eng. Zofia Pawłowska - head of the CIOP-PIB Department of Work Safety and Hygiene Management, finalization of work on this document is expected in February 2018.
  • ZUS and KRUS for the improvement of work safety and conditions (27)
    At its November meeting, the Labor Protection Council became acquainted with the characteristics of actions aimed at reducing the number of accidents and occupational diseases undertaken by ZUS and KRUS. The CIOP-PIB representative presented information about the Institute's participation in the ZUS program, the essence of which is co-financing enterprises in undertakings aimed at preventing occupational accidents and diseases.
  • The summary of the "Healthy workplaces for all ages" campaign (2016-2017) (28)
  • Notes latte (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Qualifications and seniority of people employed in organizational units of public blood services - new regulation
    • The flight manager - a new regulation
    • Refrigeration units for trucks and trailers of cold storage - an additional exam
  • Answering our readers' questions (31)
    • On what basis does ZUS calculate the amount of the pension from October 2017?
    • What is worth knowing about paternity leave?
    • What documents must be attached to the pension application after the age of 60/65?
    • What has the greatest impact on the moct favorable moment of retirement?
  • Reports from abroad (32)