• Development of the depression crater in the area of the Olkusz zinc and lead ore mines
    The geological data recorded since 1948 in the area of the Olkusz zinc and lead ore mining allowed to present in the article the evolution of the depression cone around the successively emerging mines: "Bolesław", "Olkusz" and "Pomorzany" and the deep-water intake in Łazy Błędowskie. The shape of the depression cone was defined mainly by the geological structure of the mountain, with the special role of tectonics and the interaction of individual drainage centers. At the beginning of the 1990s, the drainage area reached its maximum (approx. 400 km2), assuming an elliptical shape stretching in the NW-SE direction. Limiting the functioning of the water intake in Łazy Błędowskie was the first step aimed at reducing the range of the depression cone. The planned shutdown of the pumps of the decommissioned "Olkusz-Pomorzany" mine will end this process, as a result of which water conditions in the Olkusz area will be restored close to natural.
  • Modernization of the main fan station of the Wilson shaft in KS "Wieliczka"
    The article discusses the modernization of the main fan station of the Wilson shaft in KS "Wielicz-ka" SA, which included: the station building, main fans, 110 kW electric motors for fan drive, 3 / 0.4 kV transformers, 3 kV "Wilson" switchgear, 0.4 kV main switchboard and communication systems to control the station.
  • Environmental protection in underground mining plants supervised by OUG in Rybnik in 2020 (Communication)
    The exploitation of coal is inextricably linked with the production of waste and degradation of mining areas, and the discharge of underground water causes salinity of the surface water. Thus, hard coal mining has a negative impact on the natural environment. Therefore, activities related to the management of the most saline underground waters and the use of energy waste in fire prevention are undertaken. downstairs and restoring utility values to degraded areas. The work presents the most important issues related to the ecological aspects of underground mining plants supervised by the OUG in Rybnik in 2020.
  • Training of mining personnel: from Świerklaniec through Tarnowskie Góry to Katowice
  • Pumice stone, the path from the inside of the earth to… a bathtub
  • The mines have disappeared, the sports clubs have remained

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