• The impact of air pollution on human environmental health - economic aspect
    Air quality in Poland is one of the worst in the EU, and even in the world, which is a huge challenge for the government and local government administration. It is particularly important because of high mortality from environmental diseases such as lung cancer, acute lower respiratory tract infection, stroke, ischemic heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Every year up to 45 thousand die from this. Poles, 400 thousand inhabitants of the EU and about 4 million inhabitants of the globe. Health costs related to low emissions in Poland may be as high as EUR 30 billion, in the EU they are estimated at EUR 330-940 billion, and in the world at USD 3 billion. That is why individual or integrated and, above all, significant actions of each EU country and the world, aimed at improving the quality of the environment, especially air, and helping poorer countries in this regard, are so important.
  • Comparative analysis of particulate air pollution for a large city and village
    The aim of the article is to analyze the degree of air pollution with PM2.5 and PM10 dust in an urban agglomeration (Kielce) and in a rural town (Nowiny near Kielce). It was found that low temperature (autumn, winter) and low wind speed or no wind speed are associated with high concentrations of dust in the air. The remaining analyzed meteorological conditions: rainfall, pressure and humidity may, to a varying degree, affect the higher level of dust concentration in the air. The analysis showed that dust pollution is a big problem for both the inhabitants of the city of Kielce and the town of Nowiny, due to the presence of large industrial plants
  • Pesticides - an inherent element of the environment
    The constant striving of people to improve their living conditions through the development of technology and industry has contributed to the introduction of toxic chemicals into the environment. Pesticides are one of the most dangerous groups of preparations that are used on a large scale. This article aims to illustrate how the use of pesticides has contributed to the contamination of the environment, and thus to the disturbance of ecosystems. Keywords: pesticides, plant protection products, environmental contamination, circulation of pesticides in the environment
  • Judgment of the Court of 15 April 2021 on the provision of environmental information by Irish judicial authorities, C-470/19
    Sentence Article 2 (2) of Directive 2003/4 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2003 on public access information relating to the environment and repealing Council Directive 90/313 / EEC should be interpreted in such a way that it does not regulate the issue of access to environmental information contained in judicial files, since neither the courts, nor the bodies or institutions under their control and therefore, in close connection with those courts, they do not constitute 'public authorities' within the meaning of that provision and therefore do not fall within the scope of that directive.
  • The latest technical solutions in the construction of photovoltaic cells
    When choosing photovoltaic modules, we will meet PERC modules more and more often. This name comes from the name of the cells which, due to the changed structure of the bottom part, obtain higher efficiency than standard cells. The standard cell consists of an upper silver (Ag) negative electrode, an anti-reflective layer, and a p-type semiconductor made of boron-doped silicon wafer. In the thin surface layer of the second wafer, an n-type region (emitter) is created by phosphorus diffusion. The plates pressed together form a pn junction. There are aluminum positive electrodes on the back side. The p – n junctions can be made in mono or polycrystalline technology. The PERC type cell has an additional dielectric layer, thanks to which the efficiency of the cell reflecting any light reaching the bottom layer of the plate is increased, without generating an electron back into the cell. This gives the photons a second chance to generate electricity. PERC technology improves the process of capturing solar radiation and optimizing the collection of electrons. Currently, the most popular on the photovoltaic market is the production technology of monocrystalline PERC cells.
  • Biebrza National Park one year after the fire against the backdrop of the "Stop grass fires" campaign
    On April 19-26, 2020, the largest fire in the history of the Biebrza National Park ( BbPN ) took place , which caused irreparable damage to the local nature. Bearing in mind the losses, based on the BbNP materials, the article emphasizes the revival of the natural environment in the period of one year after the fire was extinguished. In addition, the "Stop the grass fires" campaign, which has been carried out for years, was presented, focused on education as a basic tool for preventing fires of meadows, bogs and forests in Poland.
  • To protect - to kill ...
    Conflicts of large mammals and people in built-up areas and communication routes have become almost everyday life. This applies not only to the exotic areas of Asia or Africa, but more and more often to our home backyard. According to experts, the reasons are simple - the number of animals is growing as a result of consistently implemented conservation programs, and at the same time the wilderness areas available to them are shrinking.
  • Protection of nature and biodiversity in Poland in the light of statistical data
    Poland has a very large biodiversity, both in terms of species, ecosystems and a varied landscape - this distinguishes it from other European countries. The location of our country between the sea and the mountains, varied relief, rich hydrological network and a transitional type of climate mean that the territory of the country is within the range limits of many species of plants and animals. Preserving this biodiversity guarantees the proper functioning of ecosystems and maintaining a balance between all elements of nature. In Poland, there are the following forms of nature protection: national parks, nature reserves, landscape parks, protected landscape areas, Natura 2000 sites, nature monuments, documentation sites, ecological lands, nature and landscape complexes, species protection of plants, animals and fungi.
  • National Conference on Light Pollution
    We invite you to participate in the VI National Conference on Light Pollution (OKZŚ) Previous editions of OKZŚ were held in Warsaw (I OKZŚ 2013), Wrocław (II OKZŚ 2014), Krakow (III OKZŚ 2015), Rzeszów (IV KZŚ 2016) and in Warsaw (5th OKZŚ 2017). This year's conference will be held on September 24-25, 2021 in Łódź in a hybrid form. The organizers are: Polish Astronomical Society, Lodz University of Technology, Planetarium EC1. The content-related supervision over the conference is provided by the permanent organizational committee of the OKZŚ consisting of experts from various fields related to the issues of light pollution. The National Conference on Light Pollution is devoted to the problem of the impact of artificial lighting on our surroundings and on ourselves. Below, we present the scientific background and objectives of the conference as well as the topics that are discussed during the conference. 
  • Palm oil in Indonesia
    The role of the emergence of oil palm plantations in destroying tropical rainforests is known and fairly well documented. There are, however, two novel advantages to a recent Indonesian study on this matter. First, it has been possible to quantify the relationship between the price of palm oil and the pressure to establish illegal plantations. Secondly, it was possible to propose a specific tax mechanism that could make this practice more difficult.
  • Mountain tourism in Bulgaria
  • Landscape Park "Cistercian Landscape Compositions of Rudy Wielkie"
    The park is located in the western part of the Silesian Province, mainly in the Racibórz Basin and on the Rybnik Plateau. It was established in 1993 in order to preserve the natural and cultural values of this area. This park is one of the largest in Poland (includes 15 communes).
  • We will recognize him by the cone-shaped inflorescences
    This tree in the colors of autumn delights, Its seed heads, like candles in candlesticks.
  • Human climate niche in the face of climate change
    Many species of plants and animals cannot keep up with climate change and will be doomed to extinction. Climate changes resulted in a long-term drought in Syria, which, among others, led to an exodus of refugees from that country. Scientists predict that in 50 years, 3.5 billion people (1/3 of humanity) may find themselves outside the "climate niche" for our species. Each degree of warming above current levels corresponds to approximately one billion people who will find themselves outside the 'climate niche'. The climate policy to date has been described by many authors as completely unsuccessful
  • Agassi's Rocket
    The title is conventional. This is not going to be a tennis column, the bible of millions of yellow ball enthusiasts. So it will not be about the heroes of the Grand Slam, about the "sacred grass" of Wimbledon, about the talented Iga Świątek or the heroic pilot Roland Garros, who for some reason gave his name to the Parisian courts in the Boulon Forest. It will also not be about Martin Navratilowa, Petra Sampras and John McEnroe, who, apart from the ball on the court, noticed wider social phenomena, such as the degradation of the natural environment. They initiated various pro-ecological actions and spent quite substantial sums on their promotion. Today, I have the impression that the tennis world has become a bit harder. He closed in on himself, he lost his sensitivity.
  • A water hiking trail through private land in a landscape park
    Question: Can the owner of a plot of land adjacent to a river object to the use of a traditional river hiking trail in a landscape park that passes through his property for some distance?
  • Technological curiosities from the world
    amazing guide thermal research team from the University of Liverpool has discovered a new inorganic material with the lowest thermal conductivity ever recorded. This discovery paves the way for the development of new thermoelectric materials that will be critical to a sustainable society. This discovery represents a breakthrough in the control of heat flow at the atomic scale. Offers new insight into how to manage energy.
  • It started with the Tatra Mountains. History and the present day of nature conservation in Poland
    Nature in our country is protected in various ways. The forms of protection are established due to the variety of valuable natural areas or objects, the degree of their threat, location and surface area. However, some valuable natural resources are not strictly protected. This is due to, inter alia, from direct exploitation, as well as from being directly or indirectly influenced by all sectors of the economy. In addition, we participate in the preparation and updating of the so-called red books and red lists containing valuable resources around the world, the state of knowledge or the degree of threat to plants and animals. The first world list of endangered species appeared in 1949. The World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was also established to assess the degree of threat to species and habitats.

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