ATEST - ochrona pracy 2018/01


  • She got hit hard, I think I will get one too (3)
  • Information
    • Ongoing ... (12)
      The Labor Protection Council at its meeting on December 5, 2017 adopted a position on the activities of the Social Insurance Institution and the Agricultural Social Insurance  Fund in order to reduce the number of accidents and occupational diseases - the article contains the most important information from this position.
    • Choices of the OSPSBHP authorities (20)
    • Periodic training for OSH service (32)
      The Central Training Center of the National Association of Workers of Health and Safety Service organizes periodic training in the field of occupational safety and health for employees of the OSH service and persons performing tasks of this service.
    • More complaints, longer PIP inspections (34)
      At the meeting of the Sejm Labor Protection Council, which took place on December 5, 2017, Wiesław Łyszczek, Chief Labor Inspector, presented the "National Labor Inspectorate Action Program in 2018".
    • Dangerous goods in practice (45)
      The title training, intended for employees of the OSH service, fire protection and employees performing similar functions, will take place on February 20, 2018 in Warsaw.
    • Accredited laboratories performing work environment research (57)
      We print a list of laboratories accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation to perform, among others work environment research. A few years ago, we published in laboratories ATEST, which then had authorizations and, few, accreditations to perform the said research. For the re-presentation of the lab database, which was obviously updated, the readers' phones prompted us with the question: where can specific work environment research be carried out? The list is printed in alphabetical order of provinces.
  • Organization and technology
    • How to live safely with risk, part 1 (4)
      By taking a risk, we create a chance for success, but we also risk losing. By refraining from the risk, we avoid defeats, but we also do not get what is "to take". Most people equate risk with uncertainty and risk of loss, harm. The implementation of goals that are difficult to achieve by means of procedures with a high probability of incurring significant losses is called risk. It risks those who have taken on a difficult or dangerous task in which they may lose money, prestige or life.
  • 70 years of ATEST
    • Development of the magazine on safe work, part 2 (13)
      When I learned that the monthly "ATEST" will by celebrating seventy years, I thought it was a good age for a magazine, especially in such a special field. However, in order to appreciate such an anniversary, it is worth taking advantage of the history drone and looking from a wider perspective, form when - not only in Poland, but also in Europe - magazines dealing with the subject of working conditions. It is only on this background that I can fully understand the importance of this magazine for the development of a working culture in Poland. That is why I decided to make a brief retrospection of the press that tackles the problems of technical, legal and social protection of people in the work environment.
  • People and events
    • Who is who in work protection: Jadwiga Żyłka (17)
    • Art and security (42)
      During the tenth nationwide conference ATEST in Zawiercie (November 15-17, 2017), we organized a small exhibition of artworks promoting work safety. We showed some of the paintings that were submitted by Italian artists for the competition organized in 2016 by (known and in Poland) company Faraone and the association "Lejo". In our opinion, it is worth bringing these interesting and mature works to Polish readers, the more so that each of you can use their reproductions in your plant.
    • Retro on the tracks! (46)
      We return after a few years to the subject of railway. At ATEST 8/2011 we wrote about what is happening in our country with narrow-guage, and a little earlier (2/2011) about the engine in Wolsztyn. Let's recall - the only active engine house in Europe, servicing steam engines that run regular, scheduled train courses on the route Wolsztyn - Poznań and Wolsztyn - Leszno. The slim frame of that article did not allow to develop the subject of railway monuments, and we still have a number of museums and open-air museums associated with this branch; there are also more and more occasional retro train trainings. And this will be in the article below. We will also learn about railway tourism implemented in a different way than by train.
  • Conferences
    • Behapowcy improve the workshop (18)
      Preparing the 10th ATEST conference (held on November 15-17, 2017 in Zawiercie), we decided to significantly expand the workshop part that preceded the right conference (the workshop began on November 14). We have planned that each workshop will last eight hours, broken into two parts (the first one on Tuesday in the afternoon, the second on Wednesday morning). We had some concerns as to whether there would be interest in such intense activities, especially that immediately after the workshops, a conference with a tensions-tight program began. Our fears were unfounded - the interest in the workshops was enormous, there were no places for everyone willing. Specialists need this form of professional development.
  • Technologies and security
    • The working environment of medical staff, part 4: Psychosocial and psychophysical factors (22)
      Psychosocial and psychophysical factors also have a detrimental effect on the health of the medical staff, including: static physical load - work in a forced body position, monotony covering the state of reduced activity, lack of variety and uniformity; dynamic physical load - a monotype based on performing repetitive work with unilateral overload of some muscle groups; neuromuscular load, exemplified by stress manifested by the non-specific response of the body to the demands placed on it.
    • Fire protection guide, part 13 (66)
      In this part the author ends, started in issue 10/2017, discussing the fire resistance and fire resistance classes.
  • Education
    • First aid training, part 8 (26)
      Performing defibrillation within 3-5 minutes after cardiac arrest may result in a survival rate of 50-70%. People with CPR may perform early defibrillation using automated external defibrillators that are available to the public and on site.
    • English for behave (l. 97) (54)
      Helping businesses improve their employees' health: the Netherlands
    • Occupational health and safety (56)
      Since July 2013, people who have a technical or higher educatiion degree in the field of occupational safety or health or postgraduate studies in the field of OSH may work in the OSH service. Occupational health and safety technicians can work in the positions of an occupational health and safety inspector or a senior inspector for health and safety. In the latter case, at least 3 years of service in the OSH service are required. The article presents the list of post-secondary schools in which you can get the job of health and safety technique.
  • Science and practice
    • About the accident? And what would Sigmund Freud say about this ...? (30)
      The title of the article refers to the activity of Zygmunt Freud, tha father of psychoanalysis, who in an innovative way, for his time, explained the behavior of people with the influence of unconscious needs. Interpreting an accident in the mainstrream of his theory would be extremely interesting, but certainly not for all readers. I will focus on the discoveries of psychology, which can be easily applied in the daily construction of a safety culture and on the attempt to explain some of the mechanisms affecting the accident and directly related to the so-called human factor.
  • Regulations and standards
    • Solid fertilizer machines (35)
    • Standards for agricultural and horicultural machines (59)
    • Breaking the connectiion of an accident with work (61)
      The pension body was burdened with demonstrating (proving) that the event resulting in death was not an accident at work within the meaning of art. 3 par. 1 of the Accident Act. The pension body met this burden, showing that the entry of the deceased worker on the roof and the chimney of the heating plant, without the employer's explicit or implicit order, without his consent, and even against the explicit prohibition of all employees, was not related to work.
    • New health and safety regulations and labor law (63)
      Review of legal provisions, published in the Journal of Laws, Monitor Polski 2017.
    • The role of OSH in assessing occupational risk (64)
      How should the process of professional risk assessment take place, who carries it out, which should be understood as: acceptable level of risk and what must be done to achieve this level - the author writes in the third part of the fourteenth task.
  • Accidents and failures
    • Alcohol + machines = severe injuries (44)
      On the construction site in Krakow there was a serious accident, during which the injured worker suffered crushing, bone fractures, wounds and traumatic amputations in his left forearm.
    • We call: not only farmers should be aware of the safe use of saws (48)
  • abc bhp
    • S like a seat, part 3 (50)
      At ATEST 9/2017, the author described the first element of the furniture for sitting - a seat. The next one - the backrest - was discussed in detail in issue 10/2017. The third part of the cycle is devoted to the mechanisms of chairs.
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    • Editors answer (29)
    • Competition (41)
    • About health and safety on the network (49)
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