Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Standarization) 2021/09

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    • Standards for safe medical devices in a changing world (4)
      Healthcare has been in the spotlight for a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation has accelerated digitization / digitization in many industries, the process is still progressing very quickly. Technologies have played a vital role in maintaining the continuity of essential services and fighting the virus. Vaccines were developed at record pace, and in the new virtual world, each room could be a classroom, office space or medical center.
    • See more clearly - opportunities for medical innovation (8)
      The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that innovation is essential in creating transformative solutions in healthcare.
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    • Incompetent Cybersecurity (12)
      The Internet turned out to be one of the biggest victories of last year's pandemic; Web traffic and the number of transactions reached unprecedented levels in 2020. Not surprisingly, the number of attacks and malicious activity has increased along with it. Cybersecurity is a constant struggle, and the demand for cybertalents continues to grow and still exceeds the supply. How is the situation today?
  • Technical Bodies - August (18)

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