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    • IEC Approach to Energy Efficiency (4)
      IEC defines energy efficiency as the ratio of the output efficiency to the energy input. This includes: consuming less energy for the same efficiency, using the same energy to obtain better efficiency, or improving the conversion of energy into electricity.
    • Technology keeps the world connected (8)
      IECQ certification behind the technology has helped people stay connected during the isolation period.
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    • Energy from water (12)
      Pierre Maruzewski was nominated as chairman of the IEC / TC 4 Hydro-turbines until the end of November 2026.In an interview he presents his forecasts for the hydroelectric sector for the coming years, as well as his priorities as the new chairman of a very active committee, on the occasion of one of the oldest in IEC.
    • Sleep tight, little one (16)
      A baby sleeping in a crib is probably the most beautiful view in the world. It is associated with peace and security. Probably every parent would like the place where the child is to be safe and that no elements of the child's environment would be a threat to him.
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