Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/06

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    • Standardization in the curriculum (4)
      Promoting the belief of the role of technical norms and normalization in everyday life among the young generation, as well as encouraging teachers to introduce standardization topics into classes, are activities related to the educational policy of the Polish Committee for Standardization.
  • From standardization work
    • Connected future (6)
      In 2018, together with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), ISO published the first in the world standard (ISO / IEC 30141) harmonizing the reference architecture of the Internet of Things - a comprehensive set of billions of smart devices connected via the Internet. Thanks to the IoT standard, it will be more effective, safer, more resistant and better protected.
    • Mission for cyber trust (12)
      As technology is becoming more advanced and offers both greater opportunities and new threats, there is a danger that various types of organizations will remain susceptible to malicious attack or data breach on a massive scale. Risk management is therefore just as important in cyberspace as in the physical world. But what are these cyber threats? How can International Standards mitigate them? And is the only answer even more advanced technology?
    • Thermomodernization 2019 (18)
      90% of the time spent in buildings. In most EU countries, around 65% of residential buildings were built before the entry into force of the first European legislation on energy efficiency in buildings.
  • History
    • FAE - history of plants Kazimierz Szpotański (20)
      The FAE Electrical Equipment Factory was founded in 1919 in Warsaw by Kazimierz Szpotański, a precursor of the Polish electrotechnical industry, a co-founder of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. At the beginning of the 1930s, the production of electricity meters was started at FAE, which made the factory a serious competition on the Polish market for Siemens.
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