Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/03

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    • Standards + city = Smart City (4)
      Our cities are changing. An important role in these changes is played by new technologies and, above all, solutions that take into account the needs of residents and affect the comfort and quality of life. How can standards help to create the future of the cities in which we live?
    • Lublin is Smart City (10)
      On March 1, 2019, Lublin received the Smart City certificate for compliance with the PN-ISO 37120 standard. Sustainable social development - Indicators of urban services and quality of life. Each city has a chance to be a smart city. There are now 4 cities in Poland that have obtained the Smart City certificate. But Lublin is the first city certified by the Polish Committee for Standardization.
    • Standards in public procurement (12)
      The Polish Committee for Standardization together with the Danish organization DanSense organized a free workshop on March 7, 2019 "Setting standards in public procurement". The aim of the workshop was to help in a better understanding of what norms are and how to refer to them in public procurement. The workshops were intended primarily for people dealing with this issue in the public finance sector (including supervisors).
    • State 2.0 Conference (14)
      On 28/02/2013, 2019, a State 2.0 conference devoted to the digitization of central administration took place in Warsaw. Representatives of the Ministries of: Digitization, Finance, National Defense, Health, representatives of offices and public administration institutions as well as representatives of the business sector took part.
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    • Trucks (16)
      Artificial Intelligence (Al.) Turns cars into friendly robots. During the January technology festival in Las Vegas, several tantalizing visions of the future were shown, which are waiting for autonomous vehicles.
    • Data security in the company (20)
      What personal data do you store? Where do you store them? Who has access to them? How is IT security and data breach managed? And finally: who is responsible for compliance with compliance with the RODO in your company? Answering these questions is the first step to achieving compliance with the RODO. And this compliance is now a must - its lack can have disastrous financial consequences for any business.
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