W Akcji (In Action) 2019/02

The latest edition of the "In Action" magazine has traditionally been devoted to interesting themes from many fields. We encourage you to read articles on passive fire protection, explosive remnants of war and communication in rescue operations in KSRG. In addition, readers will certainly be interested in material about modern Magirus ladders in the PSP fleet.

  • Passive fire protection. Is "passivity" profitable? (6)
    The increasing awareness of the society translates measurably into reducing the number of firebreaks. But what if the fire comes already? What is the role of passive fire protection in this case?
  • Explosive remnants of the war. What should a firefighter OSP and PSP know about them? (14)
    Despite the passage of decades, ERWs continue to pose a huge threat to life and health, both potential finders, bystanders as well as law enforcement and emergency services.
  • Classification of causes of fires - part II (22)
    In the first part of the article, a general discussion of the causes of fires was made and physical phenomena, separated in the basic groups of fire causes, were characterized. The subject of the second part of the article are chemical reactions, spontaneous combustion and arson.
  • Ice rescue. Away from the shore (30)
    There may be a situation where the ice sheet breaks down, it reaches far enough from the shore, that the range of safety ropes is not enough for lifeguards belayed from the shore to be able to reach the victim. The question arises: what then?
  • KSRG Communication in rescue operations (36)
    The National Fire and Rescue System is an integral part of the organization of the internal security of the state. This article is an outline of the organization of rescue operations and communication and rescuers' communication systems.
  • Modern Magirus ladders in the PSP fleet (42)
    In 2018, for the first time since the establishment of the State Fire Service, a record number of 38 ladders was purchased. The article discusses a five-span heavy hydraulic ladder Iveco Magirus M42L with a reach of 40 meters (SCD-40).
  • Promotional article
    Medium rescue and firefighting vehicle with increased roadside salvaging potential on the MAN TGM 13.290 chassis (50)
  • Cars and equipment at the "Florian 2018" fair in Dresden (52)
    On October 11-13, 2018, at the exhibition grounds in Dresden, the 18th Fire Fair "Florian" under the name "Protection against fires, catastrophes and natural disasters" took place. The leading theme of the fair was the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Office for Civil Defense at the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
  • Is working in explosive zones safe? (66)
    What is a potentially explosive zone? How to conduct activities in it? We invite you to read the article in which the quoted issues will be discussed.
  • A passive witness in psychological terms (70)
    Sometimes there are situations in which people are indifferent and do not give first aid to the aggrieved party. Why do not they react, despite their basic knowledge and criminal responsibility?

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