UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2021/01

  • 110 years of safe development with Polish technical supervision (4)
  • The development of the Office of Technical Inspection in the new reality (6)
    The theory of competitiveness in the VUCA world assumes dealing with four challenges defined in it through: vision, understanding, transparency and flexibility. That's what the theory says. As always, the practice is much more complicated and demanding. The more so because the public sector is struggling with a number of additional difficulties, characteristic of the administration around the world. At the Office of Technical Inspection, we focus on development and innovative solutions, and despite the great effort it entails, we are convinced that, in fact, it is not a choice, but a necessity.
  • Certification of functional safety management systems (10)
    Process safety is an area of safety whose activities focus mainly on the prevention of hazards occurring during the operation of installations in which chemical processes occur related to a change in the physical state of the medium or the presence of hazardous substances. Examples of installations covered by process safety or a process safety management system are installations in the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries, as well as in the gas and energy industries.
  • Prediction of pressure equipment wear and planning of pressure equipment inspections using the RBI methodology (13)
    The Office of Technical Inspection has already 110 years of experience in pressure equipment supervision. Due to the continuous technological and economic development, the Office, taking care of technical safety, tries to be an innovative and modern organization that implements the latest global solutions in its practice, allowing, inter alia, to adjust activities aimed at ensuring the safe operation of technical devices to the needs of industry and the needs related to with public safety.
  • What is "digital twin" and what possibilities does this technology open up? (17)
    Digital Twin (DT) is according to the first definition formulated by NASA - "integrated multi-physical, multi- scale, probabilistic vehicle or system simulation that uses the best available physical models, sensor updates, fleet history, etc. To reflect the functioning of its flying twin".
  • NDT testing for UTB load-bearing structures (part 1) (24)
    The next step, which is performed within the generally understood concept of service life, is the assessment of the technical condition of the device, i.e. testing and evaluation carried out when the device has reached its service life. This process can involve the entire device as well as its individual components which reach their resources at different time intervals.
  • Academy of the Office of Technical Inspection - NDT training (31)
    The UDT Academy is a NDT training center positively assessed and approved by the UDT-CERT Person Certification Body. NDT trainings prepare for certification exams in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9712 in the field of non-destructive testing.
  • We provide heat, which is one of the primary needs of humanity - OPEC (33)
    OPEC is active in the production, transmission and distribution of heat and heat trading. Generally speaking, we are responsible for "warmth".
  • Online access to eUDT devices (37)
    Convenient and quick access to information about technical devices and test dates is possible thanks to the eUDT web portal. The article describes how the cooperation with exploiters looks like. The involvement of the Office's employees means that new companies are constantly joining the eUDT portal, which is crucial for the success of this ecological initiative.
  • Virtual reality in technical education (40)
    Virtual reality is a picture of a different reality that we obtain thanks to information technologies. In the last few years, VR technology has been widely associated primarily with computer games. She is now returning to its original role. Trainers more and more often use goggles, seeing them as real savings, safe training and a well-prepared employee.
  • The role of notified bodies in the review and planned amendments to Directive 2000/14 / EC (42)
    On November 24, 2020 and January 12, 2021, on-line meetings of the Group of Notified Bodies to the Noise Directive 2000/14 / EC took place. They were largely devoted to the analysis of the current situation related to the review and the resulting possible amendments to the Directive.
  • Report from the meeting of the Coordination Group of Notified Bodies to Directive TPED 210/35 / EC (44)
    Directive TPED 2010/35 / EC relating to transportable pressure equipment, in Article 29, imposes on the European Commission the obligation to ensure coordination and cooperation of bodies notified to this directive. This is done by organizing meetings of the notified body coordination group twice a year, starting in autumn 2013.
  • Events (46)

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