UDT Inspektor (TIA Inspector) 2019/03

  • Recognition of research laboratories (4)
    As part of the 47 National Conference on Non-Destructive Testing in Kołobrzeg, a panel session "Ethics in Non-Destructive Testing" took place. Unexpectedly, for many participants of this session, the guiding theme became the principles of recognition of research laboratories by the Office of Technical Inspection.
  • Interpretation problems related to machine modernization (8)
    Currently applicable legal acts, both Polish and EU, do not specify and define concepts in the area of machine interference. The exception are machines which as technical devices are subject to technical supervision and for which modernization issues are regulated by the provisions on technical supervision and internal UDT procedures. The authors of the article proposed a procedure for the modernization of other machines - not covered by technical supervision.
  • Safety of machines with UDT-CERT (12)
    The Machinery Directive applies to the broadly understood machines and generally selected items and safety systems listed in Annex V to the Directive. As a rule, it applies to new machines or machines already in operation, but placed on the market for the first time on the European Union market or put into service on this market.
  • KGHM Zanam is still building the future (16)
    KGHM Zanam, part of global manufacturers of mining machinery and equipment as well as metallurgical installations of copper metallurgy, is still investing in the future. Cooperation with companies from the copper mining and metallurgy industry is a great challenge that requires continuous improvement of products through the provision of comprehensive services. It is important not only to constantly expand the range of services based on own products but also to gain new markets. The delivery of the highest quality products and continuous development of technology with simultaneous responsibility for impact on technical safety as well as the environment are at the heart of KGHM Zanam's activities.
  • Tradition commits to innovation (20)
  • Technical testing of equipment for vapor recovery (22)
    The second half of 2018 is the time when the first entrepreneurs operating gas stations came to the Office of Technical Inspection with applications for technical tests of gas vapor recovery devices at gas stations.
  • Requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection for pressure equipment in refrigeration systems (25)
    The article is another from a series of aspects of safety design in refrigeration installations. The operational safety of each of the technical devices, including devices cooperating with each other as part of a technological installation, should be ensured in accordance with the provisions implementing relevant European directives and in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 21 December 2000 on technical supervision.
  • Work of the ISO TC 96 "DŹWIGNICE" standardization committee (29)
    ISO TC 96 "CRANES" Technical Committee - one of the largest and most active of the hundred and several dozen committees - ISO carries out its tasks in creating global, globally agreed standards related to the design, construction, operation and testing of cranes since the early 1960s in.
  • Guidelines of the Office of Technical Inspection No. 2 / UC / 2019/1. Suspensions and supports of steam and technological pipelines (33)
  • Guide to the electromobility regulation (34)
  • Relations and announcements (35)

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