UDT Inspektor 2018/02

  • Technical Safety Leader 2017 (4)
    The nationwide ranking of UDT once again promotes safety. The main goal of the ranking of the Office of Technical Inspection under the slogan Technical Safety Leader is to promote activities for the safety of technical devices. The competition distinguishes companies and institutions that show particular care for the safety of equipment operation, environment and human safety in the area related to devices and technical systems. The ranking aims to honor the daily efforts of institutions and enterprises that are distinguished by the highest level of technical security nationwide and are an example to follow for other entities.
  • PERN the leader of technical security (7)
    PERN as a strategic company of the State Treasury, which stores and supplies crude oil and fuels, this year had a very important event. Two companies, OLPP and PERN, were merged into one organism. It is part of the raw material and fuel segment that will ensure the country's energy security.
  • CIOP-PIB - We come with innovation potential (8)
    The Central Institute for Labor Protection - National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB) is the basic scientific and research institution in Poland that is valued as the leading European research and development in the field of safety, occupational hygiene and ergonomics. It also performs other tasks that are particularly important for achieving the objectives of the socio-economic policy of the state in this field.
  • Warsaw University of Technology (9)
    The Institute of Manufacturing Techniques at the Faculty of Production Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology is a research and teaching unit specializing in widely understood modern mechanical technologies. In the area of specialty of the institute, material technologies are included as machining, automation of production processes, foundry, plastic working, bonding engineering, plastics processing as well as erosive and finishing machining.
  • Science, technology, industry. Technologies for public safety (10)
    The fifth conference "Science, technology, industry. Technologies for public safety "was held on May 24 this year. in Mazurkas in Ożarów Mazowiecki.
  • Right to entrepreneurship, meaning big changes for small businesses (15)
    For two years, changes have been introduced to facilitate business operations. "Entrepreneurial right - small businesses, big changes" - this is the slogan of informational meetings organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology. It is an opportunity to learn about the benefits for companies in the reform of business law.
  • Safe playgrounds and amusement parks (16)
  • Escalators and moving walkways (18)
    Are we safe on escalators? The safety condition of stairs and moving walkways is of interest to many environments. In accordance with the existing safety standards, mobile stairs and walkways should be secured so that their users are protected to the highest degree against the consequences of improper use. In Poland, there are relatively few accidents and breakdowns of stairs and moving walkways, which does not mean that such a condition does not require improvement and continuous monitoring.
  • Cool summer greeting (21)
  • VRS - research on fuel vapor recovery systems at service stations (26)
    The European Union aims to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, both for the sake of citizens' health and in the fight against climate change on Earth. Such harmful substances include hydrocarbons contained in fuel vapors escaping in the processes of filling or unloading of tanks for the transport of dangerous goods or during refueling operations at petrol stations.
  • The first UDT test of the equipment for the recovery of fuel vapors at the service station (30)
  • Relations and announcements (31)

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