Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2019/05

  • Topic of issue: Hydraulics and pneumatics
    • Inverters in industrial hydraulic systems (6)
      Inverters also called inverters or frequency converters are designed to protect and control the speed of electric motors. By using this type of device, you get improved drive characteristics and electricity savings.
    • Effective diagnostics of the compressed air system (10)
      Pneumatics deals with the construction and practical use of devices in which energy transfer and control are carried out using compressed air as a working medium.
    • Characteristics and comparison of features of pneumatic and electric clamps (16)
      The automation of machining processes entails the need to implement fast and reliable workpiece clamping systems. Fastening with manual elbow clamps is becoming increasingly limited, and industry prefers solutions based on pneumatic or electric drive devices. The article presents the division, characteristics, applications and comparison of functional features of pneumatic and electric clamps.
    • Modern rubber and fabric seals. Tailored seals. Part II (20)
      In industrial machines and devices, even the smallest failure can have costly consequences. The causes of faults can be e.g. leakage, wear or incorrect selection of seals.
  • Report - Prevention on production
    • Work at height - employer's security measures and responsibilities (22)
      The Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of 26 September 1997 on general health and safety regulations includes work at height as particularly dangerous. Data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland show that fatal accidents are mainly falls from a height. Most often they occur in the construction industry.
    • Deep learning + machine visit = next generation vision control (26)
      The combination of machine vision and deep learning will provide companies with excellent operational results and ROI (return on investment). Capturing the differences between a traditional vision system and deep learning, and understanding how these technologies complement each other (instead of competing or replacing each other) is key to maximizing investment returns. The article will help to understand this.
    • How to properly implement a CMMS class system? (30)
      CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is nothing more than an IT system whose task is to collect information on operation and support in the management of maintenance/technical maintenance.
  • Concepts
    • Optimization of machining using TPM (34)
      Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), i.e. total productive machine maintenance, is a comprehensive maintenance strategy supporting increasing accessibility and maximizing the efficiency of your machine park.
    • MES system - production monitoring and performance analysis (38)
      In the previous issue of our bimonthly, we looked at issues related to scheduling and managing the production process using MES systems. This area is considered by many to be the most important element of production management systems.
  • Prevention
    • Dark humor UR, episode 10 (42)
      In the 1980s, the construction of the Żarnowiec nuclear power plant began, and with it a number of "governmental" activities to support this task, including developing a system for monitoring and securing the technical condition of rotor machines. Today, Poland is again talking about the construction of a nuclear power plant and the topic of safeguards is back.
  • Exploitation
    • Correct servicing of gearmotors (52)
      The most important advantage of gearmotors is primarily the small dimensions of the drive. It is important to place virtually the entire machine drive unit in one housing and in one place. This eliminates the need to design and select individual drive components.
  • Object and media
    • New technologies in internal transport in production plants (58)
      Better performance, flexibility and mobility - these are the goals of developing modern internal transport systems for manufacturing companies. The solution is to be automation and use of robots equipped with artificial intelligence. Technological development means that production can be more and more individualized, but requires appropriate internal transport equipment.
  • People management
    • Managing production personnel during the merger (64)
      The merger, i.e. the merger of two or more enterprises into one, means a huge destabilization of the world known to all employees of the employees. In addition, it means that probably not everyone will maintain their position or amount of payment. Control over the fear and mass outflow of employees is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges during a merger.
  • From the industry
    • Market News (68)

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