Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2019/04

  • Subject of the issue: Power industry in industry
    • Step by step increase in energy efficiency (6)
      For several months, not only private individuals, but also business owners and people responsible for the finances of companies nervously look at electricity meters, are anxiously analyzing invoices from its suppliers, and are also anxiously following media reports on energy prices. All experts agree, it is and will be more and more expensive.
    • Control systems for power engineering (14)
      Energy production and distribution are technologically very demanding areas. On the one hand, the demand for electricity is constantly increasing. On the other hand, requirements related to ecology increase. The increase in prices necessitates the search for constant savings and cost optimization, and additionally the safety aspect is always crucial - here the requirements are still growing. This forces the constant development of information and engineering technologies used in the energy sector.
  • Report - UR in the food industry
    • Personal protection equipment - effective protection of employees against hazards in the work environment (20)
      One of the most effective strategies to improve occupational safety is to create an occupational risk assessment that identifies all possible hazards known at the moment, occurring or likely to occur in the plant, and then looking for solutions that eliminate or reduce the risk of a hazard.
  • Concepts
    • On a wave. The use of RFID systems in maintenance (30)
      Logistics, commerce, access control or anti-theft protection - the technology of radio label reading has been used successfully in many industries for years. However, its use in maintenance processes is still rare. introducing it comes with some costs, but is able to streamline many operations and eliminate costly mistakes. It may also be a necessity along with the increasingly implemented process automation.
    • How to implement industry 4.0 in the "old" plant. Some tips and insights (34)
      In today's world of manufacturing plants, there has been a "fashion" for implementing industry 4.0 solutions. everybody wants to be proud of effective implementations of communication using IoT, augmented reality, to repair machines or teach new employees, or 3D printers like a "magic pencil".
    • MES system - production planning and tracking (38)
      There is a saying in our industry that you can't improve something you can't see. It occurs in many mutations, most often instead of the word "check" appears more engineering "measure", and instead of improving it is talk about management. This principle is attributed to the famous American quality management guru William Edwards Deming, although it is not easy to find the source of this quote. It is important, however, that this sentence is by all means correct: one cannot manage something that we cannot measure.
    • Quality of the production process - how does it affect the final product? (42)
      The huge variety of manufacturing and machining processes makes the concept of quality in this context a real challenge for engineers. How the final customer assesses the product depends on many aspects. Whether it is valuable or brings positive experiences to the user's life, whether it can be relied on, how reliable it is, whether it is easy to use and whether it facilitates or enables processes.
    • Power hydraulics handbook. Part 3: Overflow or pressure reducing valve? (46)
      In the next text from the "Vademecum" series, we will talk about the second basic component of each hydraulic system after the pump, i.e. the overflow valve. It is true that the title also includes the "reducing" name, but it is a provocation on the author's part, which is to introduce us to the subject. Well, any relief valve can be a reduction valve, while no reduction valve can be a relief valve.
  • Prevention
    • How to create a cost-effective predictive maintenance program? (52)
      An important part of modern asset management is the implementation of a maintenance program using predictive diagnostics, or Predictive Maintenance (PdM). A necessary condition for using PdM methods is, of course, access to measuring equipment whose prices are falling and availability is increasing. However, this is not a sufficient condition. The purpose of this short article is to indicate the assumptions for creating a successful and cost-effective maintenance program using predictive diagnostics.
  • Exploitation
    • Cloud data security (54)
      The cloud can have two forms. It can be a cloud computing or a public cloud in which discs allow data storage.
  • Object and media
    • The use of intelligent systems to reduce the cost of hall operation (58)
      Modern production halls are equipped with a number of solutions that ensure savings in operating costs. Some of them are intelligent systems.
  • Production Academy
    • Change as the only constant in industry (64)
  • People management
    • A more human company (66)
      In the issue 2/2019 "Maintenance Services" the author wrote about the so-called alternative management methods based on personalistic ideas. He argued that putting the organization's focus - instead of raw results - of the man himself is not only ethically right, but also positively affects the results achieved. Currently, however, the vast majority of companies are organized in a strictly hierarchical manner, being in line with the personalistic norm to little or no extent. How to change that?
    • E-learning as an effective tool for developing employees' competences (70)
      We didn't even notice when our lives moved significantly to the internet. Web pages are a source of information for us, we shop online, we also look for entertainment and ways to contact friends. We buy music in the form of files or a subscription for streaming, to listen to the radio or watch movies and series also a computer is enough. More and more people work remotely. So why couldn't you learn via the internet?
  • From the industry
    • Market News (72)

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