Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (Maintenance Service) 2018/06

  • Number of issue: Oils and lubricants
    • Lubrication after a new one? Unusual lubricants (6)
      On the one hand, care for energy efficiency, on the other hand for ecology, yet another for reliability of machines, and of course for costs - searching for the perfect lubricant has never been easy. Now the pressure from many, often difficult to reconcile, directions is getting bigger. Dry, powdered, or maybe water-based? To provide more and more effective and wear-resistant products, their manufacturers must reach for new solutions and the latest technological and chemical achievements.
    • How to control oil leaks in industrial machines? (12)
      Controlling machines in terms of leaks is a basic activity related to preventive maintenance. In addition, the presence of leakage works well in emergencies of industrial machines.
  • Report
    • Strategies for acquiring qualified production workers (15)
      As many as 51% of Polish companies declare difficulties in finding employees - this is the result of the report presented by ManpowerGroup. On a global scale, 45% of employers are already on this problem. The most deficient occupations include the presence of production and machinery operators.
  • Concepts
    • Who is ready for technology from us? (18)
      The market and conference season this year is slowly ending. The end of the year is also the budgeting issue - in many companies the budgets for the next year are already set or will be prepared and approved soon. Perhaps once again from the previous budget, just a few percent was subtracted, and perhaps according to the "bottom-up" budget, the material scope was taken into consideration, gaining a few budget points. The end of the year also favors professional and personal reflection. Time to reflect on the strategy of your team, department, department, company. And on the other hand, it's time to rethink your career and plans for the next years.
    • RCM, i.e. periodic service focused on reliability (part 2) (20)
      We are continuing the topic related to the RCM methodology, ie Reliability Centered Mainte- nance. It is a strictly targeted methodology and integrated with production and its planning through proper diagnosis of equipment states while minimizing the risk of failure. In the second part of the article, we introduce the process of RCM implementation.
    • Investment in the future - an interview with David Widegren - head of the technical property management and maintenance department at CERN (26)
      It is Arkadiusz Burnos who talked about why the management of assets and maintenance is so important, how to realize the potential in IoT and how to maintain the motivation of employees in a large company, with David Widegren - head of the technical property management and maintenance of CERN.
  • Prevention
    • Black humor in UR. Episode 7 - Aversion to the standard 4 ... 20 mA in the interface of systems (30)
      Why in industrial solutions still such a large number of specialists in the field of automation prefer analog transmission when interfaceing different SCADA systems?
  • Exploitation
    • How to prevent machine failures thanks to the proper diagnosis of rolling bearings? (38)
      A breakthrough in the implementation of the eternal idea of reducing the resistance of movement was the invention of a wheel almost 4000 years ago, which sliding movement turned into turning, which repeatedly reduced the friction losses. The rolling bearing is just a derivative of this discovery, even though the path traveled from the original to its present form led through many intermediate inventions.
    • Electric energy-saving motors as a way to reduce company costs (44)
      The article describes energy-saving motors and their importance for improving the energy situation of enterprises. Legal regulations classifying electric motors are presented and their construction and differences in relation to traditional solutions are described. It also indicates which solutions bring the best results in specific applications.
  • Technologies
    • ATLMP type seal for rolling mill rolls (50)
      During multiple mill roller changes, the main problem becomes proper insertion of the shaft into the invisible seal of the roller bearings. The most commonly used seals in this type of solutions are rubber-fabric (or type A and B according to DIN 3760) sealing rings of swivel shafts with standard sealing lips.
    • Designing of compressed air installation (52)
      Compressed air installations are characterized by low efficiency - according to different sources, it may vary within 10-15%. Therefore, the question is, why use compressed air if the same or similar tasks could be performed in a different, much more efficient way?
    • We are an active participant in the fourth industrial revolution (56)
      Interview with Wiesław Tereszko, Target Group Manager in the area of Industry from Karcher
  • Object and media
    • How to manage a warehouse of spare parts using a bar code and RFID? (58)
      The organization of the spare parts warehouse is full of challenges that are not obvious at first glance. Maintaining the availability of all parts and the expiry of their replacement is the key to maintaining production efficiency. For this reason, all methods to reduce or completely eliminate downtime are at a premium.
  • Production Academy
    • Information systems for production - the power of dedicated solutions (62)
      Industry has finally entered the phase of universal computerization and no force will recover it from this path. Computers, the Internet, data analysis in the cloud and a whole lot of dedicated solutions make work easier, speed up processes and allow you to implement tasks that were previously impossible. Let us drown into the world of information systems used in industry, to take advantage of those that are built from scratch for a very specific purpose.
  • People management
    • Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance. Managing inspections and maintenance based on risk analysis (part 1) (64)
      The pressure from competition, legal requirements and shareholders forces the maintenance services to continuously optimize team tasks and allocate costs. The use of preventive, predictive methods, complex reliability and other analyzes gives us many opportunities, but we are still looking for solutions that will improve our results.
  • From the industry (68)
  • Events (70)

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