Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2021/09

  • The subject of the month
    • Delivery of letters on termination of employment during the COVID-19 epidemic (12)
      During the epidemic and within 14 days after its termination, the termination of an employment contract sent to an employee by post with acknowledgment of receipt and unclaimed by him cannot be considered as delivered . On the other hand, the termination notice delivered by the courier and not collected by the employee will be effective.
  • Labor law
    • Conditions for apprenticeships for juvenile workers during the COVOD-19 pandemic (16)
      During the period of limitation or suspension of the functioning of education system units, employers release from the obligation to perform work for juvenile workers undergoing apprenticeships. The exemption does not apply to juvenile employees who pursue vocational training in the non-school education system.
  • Salaries
    • Top-up allowance - award and calculation rules (24)
      The top-up allowance is a benefit which compensates employees for the reduction in wages. The situations in which the entitlement to the allowance is granted are specified in the provisions of the Labor Code and the Act on group redundancies. Most often it is transferring a pregnant employee to another job, shortening her working time or changing working conditions at the position held so far.

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