Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2020/19

  • The subject of the month
    • Inspections of the National Labor Inspectorate and the Social Insurance Institution in the era of coronavirus (12)
      After a period of restrictions in the conduct of PIP and ZUS inspections, now they are practically fully performed. However, control and supervision activities are carried out using procedures limiting the risk of COVID-19 infection. During the inspection, PIP and ZUS will check, among others employers' compliance with anti-crisis regulations.
  • Labor law
    • Mobility package - changes in drivers' working time (17)
      From August 20, 2020, changes in the working time of drivers apply. According to the new regulations, the driver may exceed the daily and weekly driving time by a maximum of one hour. This is possible when the driver goes to the employer's operational center or home to take the weekly rest period. However, an overrun is allowed in exceptional circumstances such as a traffic jam, an accident and a detour.
  • Salaries
    • Payment of advance payment on remuneration - how to settle on the payroll (25)
      An advance payment towards the employee's remuneration is an employment benefit made before the due date. It is subject to both taxation and contributions. The provisions of the Labor Code protecting that wage do not apply when you make a deduction from your wages.

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