Serwis Prawno-Pracowniczy (Legal and Work Service) 2020/17

  • Subject of the month
    • How to set up a PUE ZUS information profile to obtain a travel voucher (12)
      ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE ZUS) is an application that allows access to services provided by the Social Insurance Institution. The condition for using the platform is having an account on it. Persons over 18 years of age can register at PUE ZUS. They may have the status of: insured, beneficiary or payer. In order for the account to be created, the identity of the person creating it is required.
  • Labor law
    • Job termination as a reason for termination of employment (16)
      Job liquidation is one of the reasons that justify the termination of an employee's employment contract. However, in the event that this is an apparent action aimed only at getting rid of the employee, the employer must take into account the obligation to re-employ him.
  • Salaries
    • How to determine a significant increase in the burden on the wage fund (24)
      The COVID-19 Act (anti-crisis shield 4.0) introduced additional, more restrictive conditions for employers, who want to reduce the working time of employees or include them with downtime, as well as apply for co-financing of salaries and social security contributions for the employed persons.

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