Przyjaciel przy pracy (A friend at work) 2018/09

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  • Theme from the cover
    • Machines for the production of wooden products - safe operation (5)
      The wood industry has one of the highest accident rates in production, most of which are caused by contact with moving machine components. According to data from the Central Statistical Office, in 2016 during the production of furniture there were 2262 accidents, which accounted for 25% of all serious accidents. However, during the manufacture of wood materials, 1683 accidents were recorded. The article draws attention to safe work while operating the machines.
  • Interview
    • Interview with dr Elżbieta Korzeniowska, head of the National Center for Health Promotion in the Workplace of the Institute of Occupational Medicine Professor J. Nofera in Łódź (8)
  • Health and Safety Management
    • Workers' lifestyle and building pro-health attitudes in the workplace (10)
      Lifestyle is the factor that determines human health to the greatest extent (citing the concept of half-health Lalonde). The concept of lifestyle does not have one clear definition, but it can be considered in both social and individual categories. It is a fairly complex construct which is conditioned by, among others the process of socialization, cultural determinants, socio-economic factors or personality traits. Relatively persistent behavior patterns expressing a lifestyle can change under the influence of individual experiences and this gives room for everyone who deals with health promotion and health education to strengthen their health potential in the workplace.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment for work in the production department of a bakery and confectionery plant (13)
  • Law
    • Occupational diseases and court decisions (16)
      The basic legal provisions regarding occupational diseases are in art. 235 of the Act of 26 June 1974. Labor Code. According to art. 235.1 k.p. occupational disease is considered to be a disease listed in the occupational disease list if, as a result of the assessment of working conditions, it can be concluded with or without a high probability that it was caused by factors harmful to health occurring in the work environment or in connection with the manner of performing work, known as exposure professional.
    • Prolongation of the stay on leave and the granting of leave by the employer (20)
    • Instructions for the operation and operation of low voltage electrical installations - terms of periodic inspections (22)
      The Regulation on health and safety at work on power equipment specifies that "operating works at electric power devices, depending on the methods and protective measures used to ensure work safety, can be performed: under voltage, near voltage, with the voltage off". Numerous operating works on electrical equipment and installations should be qualified as posing a possibility of a particular threat to human life and health. Operational works include inspections, inspections, measurements, repairs and repairs.
    • Employing a worker in the form of telework (23)
      Electronic communication along with the advancement of technology made it possible to perform work not only at the employer's office. The selection of workplaces has been enriched with teleworking, i.e. work that can be done regularly outside the workplace. According to art. 67 (5) of the Labor Code - a pardon, telecommuting may be performed regularly outside the workplace, using electronic means of communication within the meaning of the provisions on the provision of electronic services.
    • Selected recent legal acts (26)
  • Health and safety in practice
    • Confectioner - work safety (30)
      A person participating in the confectionery production process is exposed to a wide range of occupational hazards. The confectioner's work safety requires appropriate predispositions to perform this profession, ensuring proper employment conditions by the entity employing the person concerned and performing the tasks entrusted to him in accordance with the applicable health and safety at work rules.
  • At the Courtroom
    • Wrist tight (33)
      One could say jokingly that the carpal tunnel syndrome has become a fashionable disease in recent years. It is a fact that many people who do fast, unchanging wrist movements at work for years begin to feel ailments, forcing them to undergo surgery. But also a small number of people try to convince doctors, sanitary inspections and courts that their occupational activities are the cause of occupational disease, although the circumstances regarding the nature and conditions of their work do not indicate this.
  • Accidents
    • Piling in the excavation (35)
  • Fire protection
    • Application of safety signs at workstations (40)
      With safety signs, we meet in workplaces and public places, such as shopping centers, cinemas, hospitals, schools. Employers and building owners or managers are responsible for their placement.
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