Przegląd Pożarniczy (Fire Review) 2020/05

  • Overview of events
    • Timeline of the Coronavirus Outbreak (Part 2) (10)
      The previous issue contained the first part of the coronavirus epidemic calendar, which included selected events from Poland and the world, as well as the actions of firefighters from the PSP and OSP in the fight against the coronavirus. March 4 was adopted as its starting date, i.e. the day when the first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection was recorded in Poland. In this issue, we continue it from April 11-30.
  • Rescue and civil protection
    • Firefighters vs Coronavirus (13)
      The State Fire Service and voluntary fire brigades are today largely involved in uncharacteristic activities related to combating the coronavirus.
    • How to stop SARS-CoV-2? (16)
      Waldemar Gredka, the director of Department of Safety and Crisis Management of the Lubuskie Voivodeship Office.
    • Odrzanska fight with the pandemic (18)
      The article presents the situation related to the coronavirus epidemic and the actions taken in its face by Poland's western neighbor - the Federal Republic of Germany.
    • A week of struggling with the elements (22)
      The Biebrza National Park is a unique place both in Poland and Europe. It takes about 59 thousand. hectares, is a mainstay of wild animals and protected species of birds and plants. Unfortunately, they have been hit by massive and catastrophic fires in recent weeks.
    • Production of radioactive dust (25)
      The fire near the Chernobyl power plant turned out to be unpredictable, spread with gusts of wind and reached the area of the Zone directly. Are there any reasons for concern?
    • How to protect a lifeguard (28)
      The SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic is an additional threat to the health and life of firefighters participating in rescue and firefighting operations. What measures have been taken to prevent infection?
  • Technique
    • Do it yourself (31)
      In the face of the widespread problem of faulty hydrants, firefighters from Przysucha took the matter into their own hands. A design of a special overlay enabling the launch of the hydrant was created, and then it was introduced into the board.
  • Identifying threats
    • Evacuation standards in Poland (part 2) (32)
      It is worth taking a closer look at the evacuation of people with disabilities or reduced mobility in buildings designated for them, which are subject to relevant regulations.
  • Training
    • Learning about risk prevention (part 2) (36)
      How does the e-learning platform work? How does it help you prepare for the implementation of your own project in the field of social inclusion and prevention?
  • Volunteer Affairs
    • MDP works online (38)
      How can young friends be remotely organized in spite of difficult circumstances - the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Law in service
    • Invoice A to Z (40)
      Invoices are a document with significant legal consequences. What should it include? What should we pay attention to when we receive an invoice?
  • Variety
    • To the rescue of tourists (42)
      A group of rescue enthusiasts launched the project "Safe Kazbek". Every year, in the summer season, they take care of the safety of people reaching the peak of 5,054 m
  • History and traditions
    • Wroclaw 1963 - Poland 2020 (45)
    • Firefighters in the fight against epidemics (48)
  • Test your knowledge
    • Crossword (54)
  • Fixed items
    • Events overview (8)
    • Service and faith (51)
    • Press review (52)
    • Www.poz@rnictwo (53)
    • Worth reading (53)
    • Guard on stamps (53)

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