Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/09

In the latest issue of the "Health and Safety Promoter" the theme is safe work in the energy sector. The September issue includes read about: working near an active power line, classification of dangerous goods, ADR as an element of chemical safety, investment in first aid, assessment of occupational risk as an insurance agent, electric shock in a glassworks, work clothing with reflective materials.

  • Number of issue
    • Safe work in the power industry (8)
      We present several issues related to the work of electromechanics of refrigeration equipment. In order to ensure full safety at this position, a thorough risk assessment should be carried out and appropriate steps taken to eliminate or reduce the risk in question.
    • MASCOT® ACCELERATE is a complete clothing line for men, women and children (15)
      MASCOT® ACCELERATE is a very extensive collection, covering over 70 products in 6 different color combinations. It is intended for people employed in the craft, logistics, industry and production sectors. In addition, some garments are suitable for industrial washing.
    • Work near an active power line (16)
      During work on drainage of the retention tank using wellpoints, the man was electrocuted. He died on the spot. The works manager did not report to the construction manager that the works were being carried out in the vicinity of the power line.
  • Risk assessment
    • Assessment of occupational risk as an insurance agent/consultant (24)
      An insurance agent in the light of the law is a natural person authorized by the insurance association to conclude contracts with clients on his behalf. What are the risks and potential threats of working in this position?
  • Work safety
    • Dangerous Goods. Classification and threats (30)
      The procedure for classifying dangerous goods should be carried out in accordance with the Manual of Tests and Criteria. Physical, chemical and biological characteristics play a key role in this process.
    • Improving OHS management systems, taking into account the requirements of PN-ISO 45001: 2018. Part II (40)
      The OHS management system is part of the overall enterprise management system. In the next part of the cycle about the PN-ISO 45001: 20018-06 standard, we explain the issues contained in points 1-4 of this standard.
    • ADR as an element of chemical safety (46)
      Chemical safety in each country is an important element of general economic activity. The ADR European Agreement is one of the subsystems of the regional (European) chemical safety system.
  • Personal protection
    • Workwear with reflective materials. Visibility and security (56)
      Equipping the employee with the right set of work clothing and the use of reflective materials is extremely important. So how to choose the right reflective material for clothing - work, professional, warning?
  • Accident Analysis
    • Electric shock at the glassworks (60)
      Electric shock can be fatal in the most dangerous cases. The article discusses a serious accident caused by a 38-year-old glass worker. As a result of cardiac arrest and hypoxia, he suffered brain damage.
  • First aid
    • Investment in first aid (64)
      Investing in areas related to first aid is fully justified and should not be pushed into the background. As it turns out, first aid activities can also be used to promote, marketing and build a positive image of the company.
  • Events
    • Silent cinema in the health and safety industry (70)
      A series of silent films with a fun-loving OSH expert - Napo - combines a fun approach to the subject with the important message of promoting safe and healthy practices in European workplaces.
    • III National Forum of Health and Safety Service (71)
      We invite you to the 3rd National Forum of Health and Safety Service "Safety of the future employee", which will take place on September 26-27, 2019 in Warsaw. Will participate in it include members of the European organization ENSHPO.
    • 47 edition of the National Competition for the Improvement of Working Conditions (72)
      The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, in cooperation with other ministries, the Supreme Technical Organization, labor conditions control offices, insurance institutions and social partners, invites you to the 47th edition of the National Competition for the Improvement of Working Conditions.
  • Flash
    • The new season of Axon Media Technical Conferences from September! (74)
      Time for more events for the manufacturing and industrial industries. The autumn conference series opens with "Automation in production plants", which will take place on September 18 in Olsztyn.

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